Friday, March 21, 2014

2014 blooming date of cherry blossoms and recommending the place for spring picnic in Daegu

When will the cherry blossom call forth the Spring in Daegu in the year 2014?

The national weather service predicts that this year, the cherry blossom will bloom around April 5th in Daegu, about two to three days later than last year.

Just the thought of the cherry blossoms in full bloom is enough to make everyone’s hearts flutter!

So why not refer to the cherry blossom hotspots recommended below and plan ahead for your Spring sortie!

1. Duryu Park

You cannot afford to overlook this location if you’re thinking of Cherry blossom sightseeing! The Duryu Park is famous for its cherry blossoms that grow alongside its paths. Ride your bicycle through the cherry blossoms in full bloom and watch the beautiful scenery unfold before you! And while you are here, see the cherry blossoms under the moonlight at the E-world nighttime festival!

○ Address: Daegu Metropolitan City, Dalseo-gu, Park Circuit 36

2. Suseong lake

Suseong amusement park is also well known for the cherry blossoms that circle the vast Suseong lake. This is an ideal spot for viewing the cherry blossoms blend in with the refreshing scenery.

○ Address: Daegu Metropolitan City, Suseong-gu, Dusan-dong

 3. Palgong Mountain

 Everyone has heard of the famous mountain of Daegu, Palgong Mountain. In the spring, its slopes are caressed by beautiful cherry blossoms, while maple trees decorate the mountain during the fall! Drive through the cherry blossom tunnel that lines the Palgong Mountain beltway.

○ Address: Daegu Metropolitan City, Dong-gu, Palgongsan-ro, 185-gil

 4. Flower-drift mountain

“Flower-drift mountain”, located near Sincheon, is a small park that has been beautifully decorated with cherry blossoms. The park is especially famous for the cherry blossoms trees that are huddled together to form a stunning tunnel of pink and white.


○ Address: Daegu Metropolitan City, Buk-gu, Sangyuk-dong, located in front of the Gyeongbuk provincial government building

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