Wednesday, March 26, 2014

[Recommended Spring Tourist Hot Spots in Daegu] Yellow forsythia decorate Sincheon’s Spring

Daegu’s Spring is short-lived.
Because it has a continental climate with hot summer and cold winter. 

So why not make the most of Spring in Daegu?
Here are some of our top recommendations for destinations in Daegu where Spring is abloom!

Our first destination is “Sincheon”.


Originating from the southern hills and flowing 12.5 km into the Geumho River, Sincheon is a provincial brook that traverses downtown Daegu.

This relaxing destination is located deep in the heart of Daegu and has long been cherished by its citizens for its Spring forsythia and cherry blossoms, Summer swimming facilities, Autumn biking trails, and Winter skating rinks.

Sincheon is already fully abloom with a majestic display of forsythia.

Come with fellow bikers, family, or that special someone to feast your eyes on the beautiful forsythia that everyone has been talking about!


Sincheon is also home to the beloved otter, mallard, and egret; the opportunity to see these majestic wild creatures inhabit the city centre is one that cannot be missed!


Come witness the majestic forsythia bloom along the trails of Sincheon, and be sure to take the time to cross the bridges that overpass the brook at various locations.


Amidst the hustle of our daily lives, why not take to the time to relax by witnessing the city don its Spring cloak? Come and enjoy peace of mind as nature unfolds its many Spring gifts.

Friday, March 21, 2014

2014 blooming date of cherry blossoms and recommending the place for spring picnic in Daegu

When will the cherry blossom call forth the Spring in Daegu in the year 2014?

The national weather service predicts that this year, the cherry blossom will bloom around April 5th in Daegu, about two to three days later than last year.

Just the thought of the cherry blossoms in full bloom is enough to make everyone’s hearts flutter!

So why not refer to the cherry blossom hotspots recommended below and plan ahead for your Spring sortie!

1. Duryu Park

You cannot afford to overlook this location if you’re thinking of Cherry blossom sightseeing! The Duryu Park is famous for its cherry blossoms that grow alongside its paths. Ride your bicycle through the cherry blossoms in full bloom and watch the beautiful scenery unfold before you! And while you are here, see the cherry blossoms under the moonlight at the E-world nighttime festival!

○ Address: Daegu Metropolitan City, Dalseo-gu, Park Circuit 36

2. Suseong lake

Suseong amusement park is also well known for the cherry blossoms that circle the vast Suseong lake. This is an ideal spot for viewing the cherry blossoms blend in with the refreshing scenery.

○ Address: Daegu Metropolitan City, Suseong-gu, Dusan-dong

 3. Palgong Mountain

 Everyone has heard of the famous mountain of Daegu, Palgong Mountain. In the spring, its slopes are caressed by beautiful cherry blossoms, while maple trees decorate the mountain during the fall! Drive through the cherry blossom tunnel that lines the Palgong Mountain beltway.

○ Address: Daegu Metropolitan City, Dong-gu, Palgongsan-ro, 185-gil

 4. Flower-drift mountain

“Flower-drift mountain”, located near Sincheon, is a small park that has been beautifully decorated with cherry blossoms. The park is especially famous for the cherry blossoms trees that are huddled together to form a stunning tunnel of pink and white.


○ Address: Daegu Metropolitan City, Buk-gu, Sangyuk-dong, located in front of the Gyeongbuk provincial government building

Daegu International Airport to Open Low-Cost Carriers including T’way Air and Jeju Air

Daegu, the center of transportation!

In addition to being an extensive land transportation hub due to the Gyeongbu line KTX railroad and the Gyeongbu highway, Daegu has now opened its skies to become the center of air transportation as well, thanks to Low Cost Carriers that are scheduled to operate at Daegu International Airport in the near future.

Low Cost Carriers (LLC) refer to airlines that have cut down on operation costs by eliminating any unnecessary services and thus are able to offer lower fares to its customers. Compared to their larger counterparts, LCC’s stand in the spotlight in terms of low airfares by offering prices that are cheaper by at least 2~30% to a maximum of 7~80%.

On March 30, T’way Air, one of the domestic LCC’s will be spreading its wings for the first time at Daegu Internaitonal Airport, while Jeju Air is scheduled to open new routes by July.

At Daegu International Airport, the new Low Cost Carriers are scheduled to open the Daegu-Jeju Island route!

○ T’way Air’s Daegu-Jeju Island flight schedule

- Flight schedules are subject to change.

  For more information, please refer to T’way Air’s website at

○ T’way Air’s Daegu-Jeju Island airfare

   - Per one (1) adult 
  - Bunker Adjustment Factor (BAF) and airport service charge not included

○ Jeju Air’s Daegu-Jeju Island flight schedule (Starting from July 3rd)


○ Jeju Air’s Daegu-Jeju Island airfare (officially announced fares)

- Per one (1) adult 
- Bunker Adjustment Factor (BAF) and airport service charge included (based on March)

International routes are scheduled to open as well. Starting from April, T’way Air will open a regular route between Daegu and Shanghai (7 flights per week), as well as three irregular routes Daegu-
Zhangjiajie, Daegu-Yanji, and Daegu-Guilin. Jeju Air will also be opening a route Daegu-Beijin (7 flights per week).

Isn’t this great news for Chinese nationals who are planning to visit Daegu?
Come fly to Daegu on exceptionally low-priced flights now!!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Daegu’s E-world cherry blossom festival at night and K-dream concert

Flowers have always signaled the coming of spring!
But no flower is more anticipated by young and old alike than the spring cherry blossom!

Now is your chance to buy a ticket to see Daegu’s beautiful cherry blossoms while meeting your favorite K-Pop stars at the Daegu E-world cherry blossom festival!

See your favorite K-Pop stars perform from March 21 to March 23!

Come and enjoy the various events at E-world by hopping on the Elephant Train Tour, and walk through the Secret Cherry Blossom Path at the 83Tower, where two thousand additional cherry blossom trees have been planted along the trail for your enjoyment!

Come to E-world and experience the magic of a spring night filled with cherry blossoms.

○ Events

1. Cherry Blossom Festival and Pop K-dream Concert (Location: Duryu Baseball Park)

- March 21 (Friday) : 
   B.A.P / 4Men / Dal Shabet / Dam-bi Son / Skull & Haha / ZE:A / Topp Dogg / Hello Venus
 - March 22 (Saturday) :

   B.A.P / AOA / Girl’s Day / Nine Muses / Bangtan Boys / Skull & Haha / Orange Caramel / Hello Venus
 - March 23 (Sunday) :

   Jaejoong Kim(JYJ) / AOA / 4Men / Girl’s Day / Dal Shabet / Ailee / Boy’s Republic, Topp Dogg

2. The Elephant Train Tour around Duryu Park and the 83-Floor Tower

3. The Secret Cherry Blossom Path

4. The fantastic Luminariae light show comprised of 8.3 million lightbulbs.

○ Admission Fee : Click here

Tip) Customers who take advantage of the weekly free-pass can access both the Cherry Blossom Festival as well the K-Dream concert.

○  Directions
- Subway: Take the No. 2 subway line, get off at Duryu station and walk five minutes
- Bus: Take the No. 1 Express bus, get off at the opposite side of the Textile Center, transfer to bus No. 653 and get off at the opposite side of the Duryu police station

○ More Info
 -  E-world  TEL 053-620-0001
 - homepage :

Friday, March 14, 2014

[Recruitment] Foreign students Supporters for The Official Blog of Daegu Tourism

Recruitment Foreign students Supporters

for The Official Blog of Daegu Tourism

 We want people who loves Daegu and enjoy reporting all about unique experience. 

1. Qualification : Foreign students living in Daegu

                           ( give preference to somebody has run a blog before )

2. Volume : Total 40 people (including Korean)

3. Recruiting Period : To Mar. 28th(Fri)

4. How to apply : summit applications by e-mail ( 

                             after downloading and filling out the attached form
                            (The application download here -> Click)

5. Activity Period : From April to December 2014

6. Activites : Reporting the tourist attractions in Daegu

                                    and posting them in the blog (twice a month) 
                     Complete the mission that is given each month 
                                     just like beauty and entertainment about Daegu

7. Benefit : Appointment letter, payment for accomplishing missions
                   Certificate of volunteer work hour (3 hours per article)
                   Award for the year’s best reporter

8. Appointment ceremony : April 9th(Wed). 5pm 

9. Announcement : April 4th (Fri)
                               (notice individually or posted on this blog)

If you have passion and love for this city, you are always welcome to this job.
Fill out the application form and e-mail us here mail by Mar 28th.