Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Every hole and corners of Daegu - Winter travel site recommendation

Where is a good place to travel in Daegu for the entire family to enjoy?
This winter, enjoy a happy and fun trip to Daegu with your family.

Recommendation Kim Gwang Suk Road

A minstrel - Nearby the Bangcheon Market where Kim Gwang Suk spent his childhood, 'Kim Gwang Suk Road' has been made.
Stroll around the colorful mural road while listening to Kim Gwang Suk's old songs.

Recommendation 2 Sincheon Outdoors Skating Rink

This winter, take your entire family to the Sincheon Outdoors Skating Rink!
With only 1,00 won per hour, and 3,000 won for a day, you can enjoy skating - all day long.

Recommendation 3 Dongseongro Cafe Street

The hometown of coffee, Daegu! Daegu coffee shops have unique interior with different themes and uses high quality coffee beans to highlight the characteristic taste of cofee! Be mesmerized by the charm of sweet coffee and sugary strawberry cake.

Recommendation 4 Ice Gard of Biseulsan Recreational Forest 

An invitation to a magical ice world- Shall we go on a ice trip to Biseulsan? 
Massive ice walls and icicles- Large ice tunnels, and even various ice sculptures! Enjoy a grand ice festival.

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