Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Enjoy Daegu's beautiful scenery at Biseulsan Geumsuam observatory

A new attraction has been created at Biseulsan, which embraces a beautiful scenery all four seasons!
It's the Geumsuam observatory at the top of Biseulsan Geumsuam.

Here, you can meet Biseulsan's graceful nature and block stream, a natural monument, at a glance.

The Geumsuam observatory is installed at the peak of Geumsuam which is at the middle of the path that goes to Biseulsan Daegyunsa, and its exterior was made in the shape of a Rhododendron mucronulatum flower.

Especially, the observatory has 2 floors, and 180 steps in the entrance, and is designed so that you can see Daegyunsa at the 108th step near the top.

View the beautiful scenery of Biseulsan at Geumsuam's observatory.

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