Saturday, January 18, 2014

Daegu's Unique Alley Exploration 15 / Daegu's representative Food - Bokhyun five-way crossroad Makchang Alley

Exploration of all alleys in Daegu!
The last episode - The 15th episode of the unique alley special is Daegu's representative dish! 'Makchang'. Makchang restaurants can be found anywhere - all corners of Daegu!

This place is located in Daegu Bokhyeon five-way crossroad.
Where makchang specialized restaurants are gathered!
Unlike other alleys.. this place has various kinds of restaurants that serve makchang, anago, and cooked shellfish.

Last December, Bokhyeon five-way crossroad Makchang Alley was selected as the 8th Good Alley in the nation.

Daegu's makchang has a first class taste that is chewy - and fulfilling!

Recently, it is popular among women as a skincare and diet food because it has low cholesterol and plentiful unsaturated fat and collagen.

Daegu's cheerful taste that adds joy to your journey ! Makchang ~

Add more happiness to your Daegu trip at Bokhyun five-way crossroad Makchang Alley.^^

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