Thursday, January 30, 2014

Daegu's must-go tourist sites that has the beauty of four seasons Part 2

Daegu's four seasons. Part 2 is about Suseong Amusement Park and Sincheon.

Suseong Amusement Park, where a picturesque scene unfolds all four seasons

▶ Suseong Amusement Park colored with the messenger of spring, cherry blossoms
When spring comes, the messenger of spring~ white cherry blossoms blow and the area is filled with lovers and families that enjoy walking in it.

▶ Blasting away summer heat by enjoying video musical fountain~
Summer~ Blow away the heat by spreading a mat and sitting at Suseong Amusement Park. 

▶ Autumn at Suseong Amusement Park where colorful leaves are drawn on the sky canvas
Blue sky~ Autumn in Suseong Amusement Park colored with beautiful leaves.

▶ A beautiful end-of-the-year~ Suseong Amusement Park colored with lights
Winter - Create a beautiful memory at Suseong Land Light Festival

A comfortable resting area for citizens all four seasons_ Sincheon

▶ Sincheon's spring where flowers fly around
The spring at Sincheon is perfect for walking trails, bike courses, and picnic areas.

▶ Summer Daegu City Resorts_ Changing into Sincheon Water Park!
Summer- Sincheon Water Park is popular among Daegu citizens

▶ A banquet of cosmos~ Enjoying an autumn stroll at Sincheon~
In the fall, the Sincheon riverside is covered with beautiful cosmos of all colors.

▶ Hey kids~ Come gather at Sincheon Skating Rink!
Winter vacation- As an outdoor skating rink, Sincheon Skating Rink is very popular among children.

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