Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Daegu's must-go tourist sites that has the beauty of four seasons Part 1

Daegu's four seasons

In Part 1 of Daegu's must-go tourist sites with that has the beauty of four seasons, we introduce Palgongsan and Biseulsan, two famous mountains of Daegu.

Palgongsan, Daegu's famed mountain that embraces the beauty of all four seasons 

▶ Spring at Palgongsan is colored with a banquet of white cherry blossoms
Every year when cherry blossoms bloom.. a cherry blossom festival opens at Palgongsan and receives so much love from tourists all around the country.

▶ A midsummer resort to cool the heat from the city
Summer~ At Palgongsan, full of tourists gathering at Sutaegol, auto camping site, and forest bathing sites

▶ Palgongsan colored with fall leaves
Who would not fall in love with the autumn tree that are aligned along the Palgongsan beltway~

▶ White winter~ Palgongsan embraces another charm
Immerse yourself into the beauty of Palgongsan covered with white snow.

A place where green nature breathes, No.1 site for healing, Biseulsan

▶ The spring of Biseulsan colored by the banquet of pink Rhododendron mucronulatum flowers
During spring, the Biseulsan Rhododendron mucronulatum flower colony is colored in pink.

▶ Summer camping No.1 site
Hot summer~ Biseulsan changes into a camping site that grabs the attention of people who love camping.

▶ Biseulsan raining with falling leaves in the autumn
Colorful~ Biseulsan changed into its autumn clothes. this place is colored with red leaves!

▶ Invitation to a magical ice world_ Ice Gardesn at Biseulsan Recreational Forest
The space where cool stream water ran changed into a magical ice garden!

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