Friday, January 17, 2014

Daegu's Attractions! 2 Night 3 Day Travel Course Recommendation

A 2 night 3 day travel course that contains Daegu's hidden attractions-

Eat delicious food, and be immersed by Daegu's hot passion.

Day 1) Dongin-dong Jjim Galbi Alley - Modern Alley - Kim Gwang Suk Road - Anjirang Gopchang Alley - Daegu Cafe fun - Gukchaebosang Movement Memorial Park

#1 Dongin-dong Jjim Galbi Street : Daegu's 10 tastes! Representative dish - 'Dongin-dong Jjim Galbi' The tender meat and sweet and sour sauce mixes to create a fantastic taste.

#2 Daegu Cafe : ‘Dongseongro', the street of the young, and 'Apsan' cafe street.
At the unique and romantic Daegu's cafe street, make your mouth joyful with Daegu's coffee taste and plentiful desserts!

Day 2) Daegu Safety Them Park - Palgongsan cable car - Donghwasa - Bangjja Yugi Museum - Pyeonghwa Market

# Daegu Safety Theme Park : You can experience a guide for various accidents like subway fire, natural disaster directly with your body.

#2 Palgongsan Cable Car : Daegu's famous mountain! Palgongsan - Ride a cable car and enjoy Daegu's beautiful scenery

#3 Bangjja Yugi Museum : A place where one can see Korea's Yugi culture at a glance! Enjoy studying the history of Yuji at Bangjja Yugi Museum.

Day 3) Modern History Museum - Fashion Jewelry Town - Dongseongro - Daegu Art Museum

# Modern History Museum : Come peek into Daegu's history at the Modern History Museum where you can see Daegu's history at a glance.

#2 Dongseongro : At Dongseongro, which is full of things to watch, enjoy - and eat, come feel the hot passion of the young people of Daegu!!

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