Tuesday, January 7, 2014

'A Visit from Picasso's Hometown', a special exhibition in commemoration of Picasso Foundation's 25th Anniversary

The father of modern art! Picasso has come to Daegu. This is an opportunity to see not only the major collections of the Picasso Foundation, - but the life and international art world of Picasso!

The Picasso Exhibition will be open to the public at the Daegu EXCO 3rd floor Special Art Hall until February 23rd.

'Women of Picasso', Francoise and Jacqueline, who were life partners of the artist.
Picasso's Women- 'Woman in an Armchair'

Also, you can see the 'portraits' of Picasso here.
'Portrait De Max Jacob' Picasso was skilled in drawing portraits of his family and people around him since he was young. Picasso's various human artwork- Aren't they different from standardized human paintings?

Moreover.. not only the posters exhibited by the Picasso Foundation and illustrations that displays another talent of Picasso at the exhibition but also-

80 photos of Juan Gyenes that captured the last years of Picasso in detail are present. You can meet a description and images of Picasso's house.

At the last corner of the art hall, there is a space where children can participate in a hands-on program and a corner where you can buy a collection book of Picasso's works.

'Picasso Exhibition' will helps kids develop creativity and innovative minds. Come meet Picasso at Daegu, the city of culture and art.

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