Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Daegu Travel Course/ Walk in the nature! Daegu Premium Travel Course #4

Four seasons of Korea is known to be beautiful, right?
Especially the autumn with clear sky seem to have a charm to steal people’s heart!

We will be introducing splendid autumn travel destination of Daegu!

Daegu Autumn Travel Course_ Walk in the nature Overnight Travel Course

■ Momyeongjae Shrine

First destination for today is Momyeongjae Shrine.
Momyeongjae Shrine is a place for the praise of General Doo Sachung of Ming Dynasty who made contributions and naturalized during Joseon Dynasty. 
Here has the Daecheong Pillar on which the Chinese poem composed and sent by General Lee, Sun-shin is engraved and more that this place has a deep history. 

■ Ayang Track

The Ayang Track across the Geumho River is a place newly made by remodeling the Ayang railway.

The bridge is extended along the side of the railway where train used to be passing and created a trail and there are a meditation center, Digital Bridge Museum as well as cafe that this place is famous as a place for date. 

■ Pyeongkwang-dong Apple Village

Deagu is known for its delicious apples since ancient times. 
At the Pyeongkwang-dong, Daegu, there are a lot of apple farm!

A program where you can pick apples with your family is open during summer and autumn.
Wangsan Farm, among them, is a good place for apple picking experience with children. 
You can pick green apples during summer and red apples during autumn! 

There also is a ceramic workshop that you can experience mug making, turning of spinning wheel. 

■ Baekrimjeong

Before we move to our last course, shall we eat delicious Chinese herb boiled chicken at the delicious restaurant located near the DodongThuja Forest? 

Baekrimjeong is the restaurant specializing in Chinese herb lotus leaf boiled chicken cooked with 11 kinds of Chinese herbs, and smoked duck, and Sumac Chicken. 

The lotus leaf grew at the Anshim(Beef Tenderloin), Dong-gu is used that it really is a genuine local food!
The lotus leaf absorbs the chicken oil that you can taste the savory boiled chicken without any smell!

■ DodongThuja Forest

Our last destination for today is the DodongThuja Forest designated as the #1 natural monument of Daegu.

In old times, the people with tastes for arts all around the nation used to gather and enjoy arts here. 

The dense forest and clear water is splendid now, and it must be more beautiful in the past.  

Daegu has the fun of walking in the nature!
These were the 4 courses of premium tour.  

Monday, December 29, 2014

Daegu Travel Course / Let’s get healed at Palgong Mountain! Daegu’s Premium Travel Course #3

Four season of Korea is famous, right?
Among the seasons, the autumn is considered as the season good for travel because of its clear sky, right temperature, and wind. 

We will introduce Daegu’s Premium Travel Course #3 which you can enjoy the autumn of Daegu. 

Daegu Autumn Travel Course _ Overnight travel course to Palgong Mountain

■ Dansanji

Dansanji is the reservoir created as the water flowing down from Palgong Mountain is ponded. 
During autumn, the place is always filled with people taking a walk. 
A beautiful road filled with autumn leaves connecting from Dansanji to Palgongsan makes walking more enjoyable. 
There also are spaces you can enjoy sports like foot volleyball court, badminton court, etc.

■ Bullo-dong Gobun-gun
A tourist attraction located at the back of Bullo Traditional Market! It is Bullo-dong Gobun-gun.
This very old historical site is the tomb at the period of Three Kingdom of Korea. 
Here, you can also see a beautiful sunset that it is also loved as a place to view the sunset. 

■ Sangol Transport Cafe (Old: GatbawiSundubu)
Joys of eating cannot be omitted during travel. 
Sangol Transport Cafe located at Baegam three-way intersection of Palgong Mountain is a pine soft tofu specialty house opened for 30 years. 
You can taste more delicious soft tofu stew with deep natural pine scent. 

■ Palgong Mountain Cable Car
Palgong Mountain cable car reaches the top of Shinlim peak that’s 820m above sea level in 7 minutes.

When you reach the top of Shinlim peak, you can view a magnificent view of east peak and west peak that looks like a phoenix, with highest peak, Biro peak at the center. 
At the top is Blue Mountain where you can have snacks and beverages that you can get to taste Welsh-onion pancake and rice wine, the foods representing Korea. 

■ Palgong Mountain Donghwa Temple
Next destination is Palgong Mountain Donghwa Temple where autumn leaves are beautiful.
As the temple constructed at the time of King Yeongjo of Joseon Dynasty, it has a long history. 

There also is the world’s largest statue of Buddha, Tongillyaksayeoraedaebul (contains the wish for unity of nation). 

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Daegu Travel course / Recommended Travel courses for Rail-Ro tourists Overnight in the downtown

The best means of transportation to travel corners to corners of Korea is train.
Especially during summer (June, July, August) and winter (December, January, February), discounted train ticket called Rail-Ro ticket is at sale for the travellers of 26 years old in international age. It is available for foreigners as well.

So today, we introduce to you the recommended overnight travel course in Daegu downtown.

■ First day : Arrival at Dong Daegu Station   [Tour] Bangchoen Market Place, Kim Kwang -soek path ways   [Evening] Tuppul(good quality beef)  [lodging] The Han Ok and Spa

The first travel course is a street that commemorates ‘Kim, Kwang-soek,’ who died in his early age, through drawing and painting his images.

Also, Just beside the Kim Kwang-soek street, lies Bangchoen Market Place wherethick tasty grilled beef steaks available at the famous Daegu restaurant,‘Tuppul.’ 

For a lodging place, visit ‘Gong Gam(Empathy) Guest House,’which is a traditional Korean-style house.
It avails a 1-person 10,000-Won (6 heads dormitory standard) discount program for Rail-Ro tourists.

Spend awonderful night in the guest house full of Korean ways of beautiful traditions and cultures.

■ Second day : [Tour] Soemun Market Place → [Snack] SsiatHotteok(Korean pancake stuffed with sweetened seeds), Seasoned Fish Cake, Nap-jak Man-du(flat dumplings)   [Tour] Daegu GeundaeAlley 2nd Course   [Tour] Dongseong Ro  [Late Lunch] YakiUdon   [Snack] Coffee Myoeng Ga, BanwoldangGoroke
Try to start your Second day visiting Soemun Market Place.

It is the biggest market place located in the downtown of Daegu, where Nap-jak Man-du, SsiatHotteokand more snacks can be tasted.
If you finished looking around the market, tour around the Daegu GeundaeAlleyways 2-course.

Starting from CheongnaHills until Yak-ryeongcityextends GeundaeAlley 2-course is one of the 100 selected Korea’s tour spots with various eye-catching attractions.
Now, why don’t we move to Daegu’s next hot place, Dongseong Ro?
This is just the right place to enjoy shopping.
Daegu’s three delicacies can be tasted in Dongseong Ro.

These are Fried Udon, strawberry cake flavored in layers of strawberries and Ban-wol(half moon) Goroke, which were selected as the taste of Daegu top 10.

All these three are the must-taste delicacies of Daegu.
This winter, come to Daegu for Rail-Ro Tour.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Daegu’s tour course/ Hot tour courses to enjoy the Daegu within the nature #2

There are several of grand natural view in Daegu.
Premium Tour Courses #2 are the selected courses where you can enjoy Daegu’s beauty of nature.

Autumn Travel Course_ Daegu in Nature 1night 2 days journey

■ Herb Hills

Herb Hills is one of the representative date courses in Daegu during autumn.

Herb Hills is the image of Red foliage path, which its autumn colors are real attraction.

You can find out the splendid scenery of autumn in tinged colors.

■ Nok Dong Soe Won

Nok Dong Soe Won is a shrine of General Kim, Chung Soen who naturalized from Japan back to the Choson dynasty.

If you want to experience the Korean essentials, this site is a good place to visit.

Also, beside a shrine lies a “Dal Soeng Han Il U Ho Kwan” museum for a harmonized relationship between Korea and Japan.

■ Namjijangsa Temple

Daegu NamjijangsaTempleis a historical temple that was established before the 4th year under the reign of King Shinmun of Silla.

It used to be a grand Buddhist temple with about three thousand monks before.

You can naturally feel the healing essence from YoungNam’s (South Gyeongsang Province) best Pine tree habitat at the back of Namjijangsa Temple.

■ The Big Tree House

When feeling weak, Koreans invigorate themselves with “Bo Yang Shik(Medicinal Korean Foods),” foods that provide a good health. 

The most typical of them is “Baeksuk.(Boiled Chicken with Rice)” 
Baeksuk is a clean and pure tasting cuisine that is made out of a chicken boiled for a long time, and The Big Tree House is a court medicinal Baeksuk specialty restaurant.

This restaurant cooks cuisines only out of natural organic ingredients without any chemical condiments, which makes the food they make even tastier.

■ GachangJjinBbangStreet

Centered on Gachang-Myoen Office, 30th street is where JjinBbang(Steamed Bun) Street is located.

The most loved Korean snack during winter, JjinBbang!

Sweet adzuki bean sediments fillings jam-packed within is a favorite of everyone regardless of gender.

■ Daegu Arboretum

A tour spot where the taste of the autumn can be felt! 
The last recommended venue is Daegu Arboretum.

Chrysanthemum Festival adds the ambience of the autumn air even more.

60 thousand variety of trees, 130 thousand heads of herbaceous flowers, 3 hundred pieces of potted plants (bonsai) and 2 thousand pieces of cactus are exhibited.