Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Where should we host our end-of-the-year parties?

Celebrating with people whom you've gone through hard times together, and catching up with friends whom you haven't seen in a while~ And of course, delicious food cannot be absent where people gather?
Year-end parties! If you're still debating where to go, how about these places?

Recommendation 1 Guangjang Core

This place has recently risen as a hot place among young people! It's Guangjang Core ~
It has everything from movie theaters, cafes, restaurants, to clubs! With Korean, Japanese, Chinese, fusion cuisines, and bars~ the type of restaurants are so diverse that it's great for gatherings at the end of the year! A place where you can go anywhere depending on preferences and the people you're meeting, how about hosting your year-end parties at Guangjang Core?

○ Location : 463-34 Naedang-4-dong Seo-gu Daegu

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Recommendation 2 Dongseongro

Dongseongro, which is filled with the energy of young people, is also a great place to host end-of-the-year gatherings, right?
With street vendors, wine bars, and fusion cuisines, it upholds its reputation as the mecca for young people with so many unique and interesting places to host parties~
Where you can leisurely slice some steak and surround yourself with some fancy atmosphere! Also a perfect place to drink a shot of soju at a roudy place full of people!

○ Location : Dongseongro-3-ga Jung-gu Daegu

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Recommendation 3 Suseong-gu Deulangil Food Town
Do you want an elegant meal with people you care about?
High quality luxury~ The Suseong-gu Deulangil Food town, which became concentrated with restaurants, also a great place for meals with office mates and friends. Korean, Chinese, and Japanese food~~ you can choose what to eat at this place!

○ Location : Doosan-dong Suseong-gu Daegu

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Recommendation 4 Pyeonghwa market Chicken Gizzard Alley 

A large amount at a cheap price, and it's even tasty! We can't leave out Pyeonghwa market Chicken Gizzard Alley which is usually popular among young people in Daegu.  Filled with so many people~ Enjoy a proper year-end party by being closer to each other.
Pyeonghwa market Chicken Gizzard Alley with plentiful generosity and a place that makes everyone happy!

○ Location : Shinam-dong Dong-gu Daegu

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