Monday, December 30, 2013

Samunjin dock, the distribution hub of the Youngnam region, revives after 60 years!

Samunjin dock which was Youngnam region's distribution hub in the Chosun dynasty.
Used as a major boat route for going up to Daegu from Busan on the Nakdong River, this place bustled with inns and taverns for peddlers in the past.
But when Samunjin Bridge opened in 1993, this place disappeared into history.
Samunjin dock, which we all thought to have been lost forever.

Samunjin dock of Dalseong-gun Daegu, which possesses a long history, newly opened its doors in 60 years after breaking a long gap in history.

Here, at the tavern village consisted of three straw-roofed houses, they sell buchujeon and rice soup, reviving the old traces of the village.

Blue sky- Samunjin dock.. So beautiful, right?
Samunjin dock also preserves its scene as a village of taverns. Here,you can even meet the piano, which was called the ghost container.

If you visited this place- rice soup and pajeon- drink some makguli and immerse youself into the past.
The highlight of this place!

Hwawon Park- Walk up the Hwawon Hill.. and also view the beautiful scene of Daegu.
The immense Nakdong River and the beautiful nature of Daegu- Dalseong Marsh spreads out before your eyes.
Samunjin dock with its long history of 60 years.
Tracing the old times of Daegu.. enjoy a journey to the Chosun dynasty at Samunjin dock.

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