Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Imagination soaring! The scene at Daegu National Science Museum's official opening ceremony

Daegu National Science Museum, which will raise the imagination of our children, finally opened its gates officially.
The official opening ceremony of Daegu National Science Museum that took place on a fun and happy Christmas Eve!

So many people participated to celebrate the official opening ceremony of the Daegu National Science Museum.

After Knocking, a tradition fusion percussion band, heated up the stage with its performance- the event that announced the official opening of the Daegu National Science Museum began.

Yangshin, the honorary ambassador of the Daegu National Science Museum!

Former baseball star Yang Jun-hyeok's appointment as honorary ambassador was also conducted.

Finally!! Today's highlight! The 'Daegu National Science Museum Wings of Infinite Imagination and Creation' performance symbolized the museum's energetic initiation.

For the celebrative performances, Malgeunsori Boys and Girls Choir, Shinyoo, the rising star of the teuroteu world, and BbaBbaBba--

Crayon Pop prepared a fun show.

A mecca for Daegu tourism- Daegu National Science Museum which will become a great attraction!

Daegu citizens, tourists- Come visit the world of science Daegu National Science Museum ^^

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