Saturday, December 7, 2013

If you want classy home styling, come to Home Table Deco Fair 2013!

Classy home styling, your own home interior! Many people have been to Home Table Deco Fair 2013.
Many homemakers would be interested in home styling.

Keen eyes and gestures! Home Table Deco Fair is popular among homemakers. 
This year's fair features 90 booths and 240 companies. You can see stylish and trendy home styling including home living and deco, art living, tableware, and healing and seasonal items.

And during the fair, you can purchase interior items and other products at lower prices.

Classy styling~ antique style furniture pieces are beautiful
Take them with your eyes and camera~ and use them for your home interior.

You can also see Christmas decorations. And at the venue, '6 People Table Art Exhibition' is underway~ You can meet each artist's unique and stylish table art.

At Home Table Deco Fair 2013, you can see the current and 2014 trend of home styling including furniture, kitchen, tableware, and decorative items.
Come to Daegu and enjoy many festivals!

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