Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hate being cold! What places are good for hanging out indoors?

You'd like to have fun.. but don't really want to go out because it's cold, Yet, you would definitely want to go anywhere..  This cold winter, is there anywhere to go? Of course, there is~~ If it's cold, you can have fun inside!

Recommendation 1 Daegu Shooting Range

A place where you can blast away the stress you've accumulated so far!! Daegu Shooting Range!
A healing experience zone with nature~ Blow your stress away with air rifles and clay at the shooting range.

◆ Location : Daegu Shooting Range 169 Moonju-ro Buk-gu Daegu

Recommendation 2 Daegu Fashion Jewelry Town

A jewelry shop where they not only sell jewelry but also exhibit and manufacture them all in one place,
Daegu Jewelry town is also perfect for a unique date course in the winter! With only 10,000 won, you can create your own ring! It would also be great as a couple ring, right?

◆ Location : 38-6 Dongmoon-dong Jung-gu Daegu

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Recommendation 3 Youngdo Dawoom Gallery

'Youngdo Dawoom', a unique gallery that exhibits beautiful velvet products, and is also used as a cafe, is a compound culture space specializing in velvet founded by Youngdo Velvet, a velvet manufacturing company. With 1 floor underground and 3 floors above ground, the facility includes a velvet experience hall, exhibition hall, educational hall, and a gallery.

◆ Location : 149-87 Samdeuk-dong 2-ga Jung-gu Daegu

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Recommendation 4 Elybaden

Elybaden, where you can enjoy a four season outdoor lazy pool, large bade pool, and a hot spring, is a must-go winter date course! How about enjoying a day at Elybaden, where it has everything from spring water that has sulfur ingredients and a bade pool, lazy pool that resemble the big Roman bathing pools, various food zones and movie watching room, to even a hot bath forum?

◆ Location : 1558 Sangin-dong Dalseo-gu Daegu

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