Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A romantic date at the end of the year. How about a culture art course at Daegu?

An ambitious Christmas date course series- to resolve the worries of boyfriends nationwide!
Today is a culture art course! At the end of this year, enjoy a romantic date with your girlfriend with Daegu's culture art course.

Recommendation 1 Bongsan Culture Street

A culture art street that represents Daegu- Bongsan Culture Street
Galleries, art studios, cafes, and restaurants are concentrated in this place, making it a perfect date course for couples. Enjoy a cup of tea while leisurely walking through galleries, watch performances at the Bongsan Cultural Center, or find yourself lost in the shining lights while sitting at a cafe - Sounds like a great place to enjoy the end of th year, right?

◆ Location: Bongsan-dong Jung-gu Daegu

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Recommendation 2 Kim Kwang Suk Road
Legendary singer Kim Kwang Suk, who left so many classics like Letter of a Private, About Thirty, Becoming Dust, The Kim Kwang Suk Road, which was made to cherish him, has now become a tourist attraction that represents Daegu. A unique street that is decorated with beautiful wall paintings that have the lyrics of his songs and the singer's portraits.

◆ Location: Daebong-dong Jung-gu Daegu

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Recommendation 3 Daegu Art Museum
Kusama Yayoi Exhibition, Animamic Biennale etc. - Daegu Art Museum, which is continuing a success spree, is also a must-go date course for lovers! This cold winter- for your girlfriend who doesn't like going outside - Enjoy a warm date at Daegu Art Museum at the end of this year.

◆ Location: 374 Samdeok-dong Suseong-gu Daegu

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