Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Romantic Daegu Modern Street Night Scene Tour -

Modern streets that have become Daegu's representative tourist sites loved by tourists both local and foreign.
Have you ever gone on a modern street tour late at night? The shining lights, Daegu Modern Street Night Scene Tour where one can meet the beautiful scenes of Daegu by following beautiful lights. A must-go course for tourists who crave for a romantic trip!! Following the footsteps of the modern streets.. capture the beauty of Daegu with your eyes.

Daegu Modern Street Night Scene Tour

○ Course name: A night scene tour that traces cultural heritages (Modern culture street 2.5km, takes 2 hours)
○ Tour course : Banwoldang → Kwan-Duk-Jung Pavilion → St. Justinus Seminarium → Sung-mo dang → Congregation of Sisters of St. Paul Charitres → Dongsan Cheongna Hill → March First Independence Movement Road →  Kyesan Cathedral → Old Residence of Lee Sang-hwa·Seo Sang-don(Modern Culture Experience Hall Kyesan art house) → Mulberry Tree Alley(Du Sa Chung) → Cheil Church → Yangnyeongsi Herb Medicine Museum
○ Regular exploration date: Third Friday every month (19:00 ~ 21:00) ○ Participation fee : Free
○ Gathering location : In front of Banwoldang(Samsung Life)
○ Tour registration : Tourism Development Dept., District office of Jung-gu  (053)661-2194)

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