Wednesday, December 11, 2013

13th tour of special alleyway in Daegu / Tour of Bongsan Cultural Street, a street of culture and arts

Daegu is a city of culture and arts. Which is the street of culture and arts that represents Daegu?
It is Bongsan Cultural Street with 20 year history.

Bonsan Cultural Street is full of the scent of arts. Along the 600 meter long street from Daegu Hakwon to Bongsan Junction, art supply stores, galleries, cafes, and restaurants are lined up.

There are many art supply stores, an essential shopping course for artists.

 There are 15 galleries here and exhibitions are held throughout the year.

When you are around Bongsang Cultural Street, be sure to visit some of the galleries.
There is no entrance fee. Anybody can come and enjoy the artworks on display.
You can also see artworks on the street also.

Bongsan Culture Center that features performances and exhibitions each month is another attraction of Bongsan Cultural Street !!

And there are many pretty cafes along the street~ You can feel the scent of culture and arts at Bongsan Cultural Street.

Come and see performances, visit galleries, have a cup of tea, and enjoy the world of arts this December.


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