Saturday, November 16, 2013

Report on the Ecology Resources! Dalseong Wetlands are Transformed into an ecological culture tourist attraction!

he Dalseong Wetlands that treasure the beauty of nature in Daegu.
Having been registered by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) thousands of hooded cranes visit here and it has high conservation value as a wetland for more than 400 wintering birds.
Dalseong Wetlands capture the image of the beauty of Korean nature.

t’s called the ‘Dalseong Wetlands Tambang Naru Development Project.’
Through this development.. the Dalseong Wetlands ecology resources are planned to be revealed anew as a representative attraction in Daegu.

Intense restoration of wetland functions, and improvements to the wildlife habitat will take place and a wetlands ecology learning center that focuses on ecology education and hands-on, an ecology exploration themed route, rural community forest ecology hands-on center, visitor convenience facilities, and a multi-purpose ecology yard are planned to go in here.

Also, according to the theory of biosphere reserves each area is planned to be restored into core, buffer, and transition areas.
The transition areas will be a place where residents can take part in eco-tourism, and are planned to go in for the convenience of residents. The Dalseong Wetlands will come alive with the ecology learning center and rest places for residents!

We look forward to the Dalseong Wetlands growing into a representative tourist attraction of Daegu.

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