Thursday, November 28, 2013

[Daegu's unique travel site] Daegu's finest marshes where hooded cranes and swans flock, Dalseong and Ansim Marshes

Even in Daegu, there is a fine marsh where hooded cranes rest, and swans visit!!

Dalseong Marsh.

West of the Seongseo Industrial Complex district heating corporation in Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Nakdong and Geumho Rivers, A river marsh of total area 2㎢, located at the region where Jincheon and Daemyeong streams join. It's an uncommon flood plain where you can meet various plants for all four seasons. It is the only marsh in Korea that was listed by the International Union For Conservation of Nature(IUCN) in 1989 and is a region with high preservation value where thousands of hooded cranes, which were a natural monument and internationally protected species in the 1980s, visited and 400 of them spend the winter in.

◆ A place where flocks of migratory birds, cranes fly
Recently, to restore the title of the largest habitat for hooded cranes in the past, a Dalseong Marsh migratory bird network was established and strived to improve the habitat environment of migratory birds.

As a result, for 3 times in 2012, 2013, 300 hooded cranes and white-naped cranes  returned to the Dalseong Marsh in 17 years after 1995.

Ansim Marsh

Ansim Marsh is the marsh next to Geumgang-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu. It is a back swamp that was formed when a part of the Geumo River was separated after a dyke was built on the river which is wider than the surrounding area.

◆ Habitat for marsh plants, birds, and mammals

Ansim Marsh is a great place to observe typical characteristics of the swamp like an upo wetland and various marsh plants like phragmites and willow trees and birds like great reed warblers, yellow bitterns, and egretta are easily observed. Dalseong and Ansim Marshes preserve our nature's original form!!

Come and heal at Daegu's marshes which is perfect as an ecological experience area for kids and a resting place for people.


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