Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Daegu's unique alleys, full of heartwarming affection and love ~

‘Good alleys' are emerging in Daegu!
Alleys are overwhelming in each part of Daegu, with full of things to eat and see! Not only are they unique but they're also good!!
Currently, 7 'good alleys' have been selected in Daegu.

▶Good alley
An alley or street where 'good' stores that have small to medium size businesses and practice sharing a part of their sales are gathered together.

After Dongin-dong Jjim Galbi Alley was selected as the first good alley last April, Anjirang Gopchang Alley and Chicken Gizzard Street became the 2nd and 3rd in May, Jongno Restaurant Alley in June, Dalseong-gun's Nonmaegi Maeuntang Village in July, and Dalseong-gun Gachang Steamed Bun Alley in October became the 4th, 5th, and 6th good alleys.

Also, in November, Seo-gu Wondae Furniture Alley, where furniture shops and not restaurants are concentrated, was selected as the 7th Good Alley and the good alley phenomenon heated up more~ ^^

Due to the good alley craze, Daegu, which had the lowest number of good shops in the country in 2012, now has increased by 380 shops and currently has 484 good shops, the most among major cities in Korea. Despite being a cold winter, it feels much warmer with the news about the heartwarming sharing of the alleys in Daegu~~ We hope that Daegu's alleys continue their good sharing.~~ 

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