Friday, November 29, 2013

Daegu's unique alley exploration 12/ Bangoge Mixed Sashimi with the best sweet and sour taste

Bangoge Mixed Sashimi Alley located in Seo-gu, Daegu.
Bangoge mixed sashimi is a popular dish that is considered as one of the 10 tastes in Daegu.

At the Mixed Sashimi Alley, which is stretched 500m in Naedang-dong Bangoge, 15 restaurants are currently operating.

After Jinju Restaurant made huge success with mixed sashimi in the 1960s, restaurants have consecutively opened up and a food town was formed.

Mixed sashimi is made by mixing slightly blanched squid with sauce that has radish shreds, water parsley, garlic, and ginger, making a high quality sweet and sour taste.

You can also experience a different taste when mixing the sauce from mixed sashimi with rice, dried seaweed powder, and sesame oil.

The mixed sashimi here is attaining national fame as it receives overwhelming take-out orders from not only DaeguㆍGyeongbuk but also SeoulㆍGyeonggiㆍGyeongnam. Especially because it is cheap, it has become a popular place for young people to gather.

Come by with friends this holiday season and enjoy a fulfilling feast at the Bangoge Mixed Sashimi Alley~

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