Saturday, November 23, 2013

[Daegu Travel] Good-bye fall~ hello winter~ the Dalseong Wetlands with their beautiful scenery

Finally, fall has passed with its falling leaves, and winter is approaching.
Today fall is passing us~ the end of fall to comfort our frustrations!
I've been to the Dalseong Wetlands the place of our treasured beautiful scenery.
To see the natural ecology of Daegu! The Dalseong Wetlands that treasures beautiful untouched nature.

This is also the place where the 'Dalseong Wetlands Tambangnaru Project' has been prepared by the City of Daegu.
A paradise for snowbirds not to mention endangered species, each fall you can see the silver grass and reeds present a grand sight.

Now if you go to the Dalseong Wetlands this winter~ you can appreciate the scenery one last time.
Sunset,, looking out at the beautiful Dalseong Wetlands Scenery,, for some reason I feel the solitude of fall.

Still..!! Filled with one final image of the last performance of the reeds..
Now fall has passed,, and we greet winter. ^^

Winter that approaches us all! We hope yours is filled with joy and laughter~

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