Wednesday, November 27, 2013

[Daegu night date course] E-world's night is fun! Christmas tree lighting festival~

A place where you can see the beautiful night scene of Daegu! E-world, a perfect place for a date course with loved ones.
The 83 Tower, which was refurbished last October. is a tower that stretches high up into the sky and shines~ isn't it so magnificent and beautiful? The road up to the tower is full of colorful light bulbs ~

In time with the new decorations, a light festival has been going on around the 83 Tower since last month. The light bulbs that wrap the large trees. There are 8.3 million bulbs in this place!

The photo zone is also separately prepared, so make sure to take pretty pictures

The refurbished 83 Tower has been renewed from 1st to 83rd floor for two years.
The third and fourth floors have restaurants and cafes where you can taste various foods.

The third floor has high class restaurants, and the fourth floor has world cuisines that anyone can enjoy. After touring the tower~ and coming out into the Tower square, the Christmas tree lighting festival has started. The tower is colored with splendid fireworks~

Finally, the lights are lit on the tree. Make beautiful memories of this holiday season at the Daegu E-world 83 Tower.


Anonymous said...

How much does it cost to enter E world to see the lights??

visitdaegu2011 said...

it’s free of charge~~ ^^