Friday, November 22, 2013

Daegu Funky Alleyway Adventure11 / the aroma of coffee wafts about~ street of the youth, Dongseong-ro cafe alleyway

The place that comes to mind when you think about coffee~ the place that draws coffee enthusiasts from around the country when the aroma of coffee wafts through the air.
Is none other than coffee city, Daegu~
Funky Alleyway Adventure episode 10! The center of Daegu! Youth street Dongseong-ro~ a cafe alleyway where the aroma of coffee wafts about.

This place last summer was where tourists from around the country as well as Daegu citizens were showered with love.  The cafe alleyway that gained popularity for its melon and ice slushy~

Would you care to take a minute to step inside?

A coze~ pretty interior.. Each items draws one's attention to it.

There are many cafe's that put a big focus on the interior which only goes to show just how many coffee enthusiasts make their way to Daegu.

Cafe's with long lines of people in different places in the alleyway. Winter~ no place better to enjoy a hot cup with a date to melt your chilled body.

I'm heading to the center for the past 20 years, Dongseong-ro! This is the place where they run all the coffee shops.
A famous street for coffee that is also like a home-grown brand in Daegu. People pour in to try strawberry cake when strawberries are in season!

The barista bews aromatic coffeee.. This man runs the store that leads famous street for coffee, Lee Jun-cheol. Can you tell he's been at it for a while?

The city of coffee, Daegu~ cold winter weather, stop by for an aromatic cup of coffee at the Daegu cafe alleyway.

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