Saturday, November 9, 2013

Daegu Arboretum Chrysanthemum Festival full of the fragrance of chrysanthemums Go traveling riding on an autumn breeze

In the arboretum the colors are changing to autumnal tints, and an exhibit of chrysanthemums are at its peak, inviting travelers of autumn.

Wow, there are as many as 10,000 beautiful chrysanthemums!

Cute little friends also have come to this festival.
Spectators can be seen here and there taking pictures to capture the look of beautiful chrysanthemums!


Why don’t you give someone precious to you a special gift?
A chrysanthemum festival! There’s more.


Various models made of chrysanthemum are displayed all over the exhibition.
Besides, you can see various forms of chrysanthemums like those that take the shape of a bear, a map of Korea, and a peacock.
The harmony between every color and shape of chrysanthemum and autumn colors is another charm of this festival.
Soon autumn will pass and winter will come with its cold winds.
Go on and make the last trip of autumn.

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