Thursday, November 21, 2013

Art Square 2013 ~ welcome to the world of art.

We invite you to the beautiful world of art!
We just got back from Art Square 2013.
Art square, attended by more than 750 people from Korea and abroad!

On the first day~ artists, art related students, residents.. and many others were gathered in the art square.

 In each gallery you could view sculptures, engravings, installation art, and various other works. Here you can appreciate elegant ~ calm works and have a look at the artist's art world.

Also, at Art Square you can meet modern and contemporary artists at a special exhibition.

You can view the works of Jo Yeong-nam, a celebrity with excellent art skills, and those of Ha Jeong-wu.

This is 'Art Road 77 Art Fair' where the international exchange exhibit is taking place.

Art Road 77 Art Fair is a new art fair where donations and sharing takes place through art.
At the Art Road 77 Art Fair special exhibition, 10 out of the 77 artists in the 5th Art Road 77 Art Fair Exhibition held this year in May were re-selected to take part.

All 10 of the artists were promising young artists through the current energetic art activities. Doesn't the artistic value and creativity show?

Another program of Art Square! Another reason to check out the 2013 Youth Art Project!
Here you can see the creative and experimental works of young artists of 10 nationalities including those residing in Korea and abroad from Korea, the UK, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Australia, Kazakhstan, China, and Indonesia.

Take a look at the flow of the art market in Korea and abroad~ come on down to Daegu to the place where artists can meet, in the cultural place of residents, 'Daegu Art Square'~~

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