Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Vivid Memories from Mt.Palgong Temple Bazaar Festival

There is a place in MT. Palgong that you can get glimpse of the traditional temple bazaar and a story passed down from the past.
The place we visited today was Mt.Palgong, a popular place for colorful autumn tints and the place where temple bazaar is taking place.
Here is Dongwha district where Mt.Palgong Temple Bazaar Festival is being held!

We can see a long line of Dae-Chuita parade too~

There is a booth ready to give people the experience of temple culture in the event called 'Experience the Temple'
We did many things from drawing the Buddha's portrait and scripture printing to lantern making and Dharma staff.

And we can have temple food cooked by monks in the temple too.

A variety of Buddhist items & crafts caught the eyes of visitors~

Mt.Palgong Temple Bazaar Festival is a great chance for people to see beautiful autumn tints and life styles of Korean traditional monks!
We will be expecting next year too. ^^

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