Thursday, October 31, 2013

Meet all weekend leisure trends in one place! Review of 2013 Daegu Golf & Camping Expo

With the implementation of the five workday policy, more people enjoy leisure activities on weekends and this led to the development of various culture businesses.
Among those, the hottest weekend leisure trend is camping!
2013 Daegu Golf & Camping Expo took place in Daegu EXCO to vitalize the leisure culture of the Yeongnam area.
This is Daegu Golf & Camping Expo that is located on the first floor of EXCO.

Wow ~ Can you see the exhibition hall filled with booths?

This is a rooftop tent, one of the trendiest tents these days. It’s a tent on top of the car.
Various types of rooftop tents are here ~

The campers dream, the RV (Recreational Vehicle) !!!
Recent RV models have TV and audio systems installed within the car.

If an RV is the men’s dream wouldn’t the women’s dream be a colorful hammock?
The various camping supplies are drawing the visitors’ attention.

Camping supplies are a bit heavy ~ Leisure cars that you can enjoy driving with all camping supplies loaded on the car are also displayed. Many visitors were interested in the RV that had foldable back seats.

Pass the camping supply display booth we enter the Golf Exhibition.

At the golf exhibition, you can purchase various golf supplies.
At one part of the golf exhibition, an education seminar took place as a unit event.
If you are interested in the newest camping information and golf supplies, head over to the Camping Expo!

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