Friday, October 11, 2013

Dong-gu Extension Schooling Festival in Daegu, the Lively Event for Everyone

Era of 100-year life! From kids to adults~ Festival for everybody!
Daegu has been shaken with joyful excitement since the 10th of this month from Dong-gu Extension Schooling Festival~

Jijeo-dong riverside of Geumho River boasted its beautiful Cosmos flowers sending greetings to the visitors.

Passing across the Cosmos field many different events were waiting for visitors in a lot of booths.

Subsidiary events came with a variety of also amazing^^ In the booths prepared for adult health check and food tasting~

In the afternoon 'Ahyang Gayo Festival' prepared by Daegu citizens added joyful mood to the scene. 
Isn't it great? A round of applaud for their passion! Clap! Clap! Clap!

In another booth people are having 'Dong-gu Cooking Contest'~
The venue was full of sizzling sound and delicious smell!

After looking around the event venues we headed to the highlight of Dong-gu Extension Schooling Festival!!
The Ahyang Train Rail, which was introduced on the 10th with the festival.

A big crowd gathered around the train rail to see Ahyang bridge train rails.
New look of Ahyang train rail with long history! Isn't it beautiful?

Night sceneries were also fantastic ^^
A great place to have a date with your lover or take a walk with your family..., don't you think?
Come to Jijeo-dong Geumho Riverside in Dong-gu and check out the beautiful Cosmos and lingering heat of the festival or walk on Ahyang train rail feeling the blessing autumn. :)

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