Tuesday, October 29, 2013

[Daegu bike trip] Free bike rentals at subway stations are now easier and more convenient!

Daegu trip, riding the subway ~ riding a bike ~ enjoy your trip in a more fun and easier way ^^
Free bikes in Daegu subway stations ~ Previous Daegu visitors are all familiar with this right? It was great because it’s free ~ and you could use it however you wanted to. But!
In order to use the bike you had to go through a cumbersome process of signing the personal information consent form and entrusting your ID card.

Now! Free bike rentals are much more convenient!

Daegu Metropolitan Transit Corporation is operating a Free Bike Rental Membership Registration System to encourage bike usage and to improve the comfort of both the citizens and visitors.

Also, to improve the convenience in using cycle paths connected to Metropolitan Transits, Daegu Metropolitan Transit Corporation installed bike racks, nine station area cycle path maps, and eight Daegu cycle path maps. 121 directorial signs in eight stations were also improved to be more biker friendly.

Free Bike Rental Membership Registration System

Now, you only have to sign a consent form one single time, and can rent a bike by simply identifying yourself as a member without entrusting your ID card.
 Free bike rental: Complete a member registration form (bring ID card, only required to complete form once) at a free bike rental station (32 subway stations along the 1st and 2nd line). There is no fee. The only requirement is that you are over 15 years old and is a healthy person who is capable of riding a bike.

You don’t have to complete a consent form ~ You don’t have to entrust your ID card!

It’s much easier, right?
Also, the subway stations have Mini Velo bikes and basket bikes so that people can use them for various purposes.
(Current number of free rental bikes: 766 bikes in 32 stations)

Enjoy your Daegu tour with free rental bikes at subway stations. ^^

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