Tuesday, October 8, 2013

City of Beauty! 2013 DAEGU BEAUTY EXPO

Where is the city of beauty?
Daegu beauties are popular in the nation as many winners of Miss Korea were from Daegu.
Raise your hand if you think are as beautiful as one of them!! ^^
'BEAUTY EXPO' was held in Daegu from the 4th of October.

Many beauty items such as clothes, bags, accessories, ones that are adored by ladies, are displayed in the exhibition Room on the 1st floor!!

You can check out the current trends in hair styles and accessories.

Also, as the name "EXPO" suggests, the beauty items can be purchased on the site.
Try the products and get consultations from the professionals! A great chance to find the right product for you with scrupulous inquiries!

A chance to find renewed look of yourself! Do you want change the way you look completely?
Makeover demonstrations are on the way in the beauty change room.

Also, as the title "Beauty EXPO" suggests, many people in the field of beauty, hair, nail, skin, etc. joined competitions with one another.
National Beauty Competition was held during the first day.
Focus! Focus!! Competitors are very nervous in the competitions.

n the EXPO, visitors can experience many different things about the exhibitions. Additionally, you can see a special room designed for Beauty Speciality.

Now we can see why Daegu is called 'the city of beauty.'
Daegu, city of beauty! City of many beauties, Daegu~

Find another part of you in Beauty EXPO, find the beauty in you.

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