Saturday, October 19, 2013

[Autumn Colors Destinations in Daegu] Autumn colors excursion in Daegu! Where shall we go?

Staring with Seoraksan Mountain, the land of Korea is being dyed in red.
Today, let me pinpoint the autumn colors destinations for you in Daegu City.

Recommendation 1. Palgongsan Mountain
Palgongsan Mountain is one of the most famous destinations in Korea. The red tint will soon cover entire Daegu, starting with this mountain on 19th. In whatever way you choose to reach the mountain, climbing or taking the cable car, you will have a wonderful experience. 
Nearby attractions:  Donghwasa Temple, Gatbawi Rock, Daegu Safety Theme Park, Daegu Bangjja Yugi Museum, Esiapolis

Recommendation 2. Keimyung University
The Keimyung University, a famous shooting place for many TV dramas and movies, changes its atmosphere according to the season and is a suitable autumn colors destination.
Besides, it will be interesting to discover hidden places such as Hanhakchon (Korean traditional village) and  Adams Chapel in the Keimyung University which gets mixed with antique buildings and provides a striking beauty of Autumn scenary.
Nearby attractions: Keimyung Art Center, The ARC, Dalseong Marchy Land, Hosan Neighborhood Park, Ssangyong Green Road

Recommendation 3. Daegu Stadium
In 2002, the Daegu Stadium was full of the World Cup fever and it is still popular as an outing destination for Daegu citizens and tourists. The surroundings of Daegu Stadium are also beautifully landscaped and seems to be suitable for family picnics. Autumn will soon arrive to the stadium, too.
Nearby attractions: Color Square, Daegu Sports Museum, Daegu Art Museum, Suseong Amusement Park

Recommendation 3. Herbhillz 
If you don’t want to miss a special experience of viewing beautiful autumn colors, you should not miss Herbhillz. Herbhillz is a place for family picnic, where you and your family can visit an animal farm and walk trails and enjoy herb experience and eco-adventure. In Fall, Herbhillz is multicolored with vivid autumn colors.
Nearby attractions: SpaValley, Suseong Amusement Park, Nokdongseowon Confucian Academy

Recommendation 5. Suseong Amusement Park
The walking trails of Suseong Amusement Park are known for impressive cherry blossoms in Spring and Chinese maples in Autumn. This place is much loved by Daegu Citizens. If you visit this park during the season of autumn colors, you will understand how the Chinse maples are attractive.
Nearby attractions: Deulangil Food Town, Suseong Land, Daegu Stadium, Suseong Artpia

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