Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A fantastic fall trip with autumn chrysanthemum! Daegu Arboretum 2013 Chrysanthemum Exhibition

Every year around this time period ~ Do you remember the delicate chrysanthemum fragrance in Daegu Arboretum?
News for those who have been waiting for this time of the year!
Yes, Daegu Arboretum 2013 Chrysanthemum Exhibition is back!!!!
This year’s Chrysanthemum Exhibition displays 10,000 chrysanthemum art pieces including Youngnam Jeilkwan that depicts Daegu’s entrance, eagle figure that represents Daegu’s active and adventurous spirit,  that symbolizes Yakryeongsi etc.

All of these art pieces were sincerely taken care of in Daegu Arboretum all year long!!!!

Especially, unlike previous years, this year the art will be displayed outdoors so that the visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery with the colorful fall foliage within the arboretum.
Daegu Arboretum will be held from October 28th to November 10th for fourteen days.
Please come visit the beautiful chrysanthemum exhibition ~

Daegu Arboretum 2013 Fall Chrysanthemum Exhibition
Date: 2013. 10. 28 ~ 11. 10 (14 days)
Location: Daegu Arboretum Central Plaza Fountain Area
Exhibits: 10,000 figures etc.
Customer Service: Daegu Arboretum Management Office (TEL. 053-642-4100)

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