Thursday, October 31, 2013

Meet all weekend leisure trends in one place! Review of 2013 Daegu Golf & Camping Expo

With the implementation of the five workday policy, more people enjoy leisure activities on weekends and this led to the development of various culture businesses.
Among those, the hottest weekend leisure trend is camping!
2013 Daegu Golf & Camping Expo took place in Daegu EXCO to vitalize the leisure culture of the Yeongnam area.
This is Daegu Golf & Camping Expo that is located on the first floor of EXCO.

Wow ~ Can you see the exhibition hall filled with booths?

This is a rooftop tent, one of the trendiest tents these days. It’s a tent on top of the car.
Various types of rooftop tents are here ~

The campers dream, the RV (Recreational Vehicle) !!!
Recent RV models have TV and audio systems installed within the car.

If an RV is the men’s dream wouldn’t the women’s dream be a colorful hammock?
The various camping supplies are drawing the visitors’ attention.

Camping supplies are a bit heavy ~ Leisure cars that you can enjoy driving with all camping supplies loaded on the car are also displayed. Many visitors were interested in the RV that had foldable back seats.

Pass the camping supply display booth we enter the Golf Exhibition.

At the golf exhibition, you can purchase various golf supplies.
At one part of the golf exhibition, an education seminar took place as a unit event.
If you are interested in the newest camping information and golf supplies, head over to the Camping Expo!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A fantastic fall trip with autumn chrysanthemum! Daegu Arboretum 2013 Chrysanthemum Exhibition

Every year around this time period ~ Do you remember the delicate chrysanthemum fragrance in Daegu Arboretum?
News for those who have been waiting for this time of the year!
Yes, Daegu Arboretum 2013 Chrysanthemum Exhibition is back!!!!
This year’s Chrysanthemum Exhibition displays 10,000 chrysanthemum art pieces including Youngnam Jeilkwan that depicts Daegu’s entrance, eagle figure that represents Daegu’s active and adventurous spirit,  that symbolizes Yakryeongsi etc.

All of these art pieces were sincerely taken care of in Daegu Arboretum all year long!!!!

Especially, unlike previous years, this year the art will be displayed outdoors so that the visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery with the colorful fall foliage within the arboretum.
Daegu Arboretum will be held from October 28th to November 10th for fourteen days.
Please come visit the beautiful chrysanthemum exhibition ~

Daegu Arboretum 2013 Fall Chrysanthemum Exhibition
Date: 2013. 10. 28 ~ 11. 10 (14 days)
Location: Daegu Arboretum Central Plaza Fountain Area
Exhibits: 10,000 figures etc.
Customer Service: Daegu Arboretum Management Office (TEL. 053-642-4100)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

[Daegu bike trip] Free bike rentals at subway stations are now easier and more convenient!

Daegu trip, riding the subway ~ riding a bike ~ enjoy your trip in a more fun and easier way ^^
Free bikes in Daegu subway stations ~ Previous Daegu visitors are all familiar with this right? It was great because it’s free ~ and you could use it however you wanted to. But!
In order to use the bike you had to go through a cumbersome process of signing the personal information consent form and entrusting your ID card.

Now! Free bike rentals are much more convenient!

Daegu Metropolitan Transit Corporation is operating a Free Bike Rental Membership Registration System to encourage bike usage and to improve the comfort of both the citizens and visitors.

Also, to improve the convenience in using cycle paths connected to Metropolitan Transits, Daegu Metropolitan Transit Corporation installed bike racks, nine station area cycle path maps, and eight Daegu cycle path maps. 121 directorial signs in eight stations were also improved to be more biker friendly.

Free Bike Rental Membership Registration System

Now, you only have to sign a consent form one single time, and can rent a bike by simply identifying yourself as a member without entrusting your ID card.
 Free bike rental: Complete a member registration form (bring ID card, only required to complete form once) at a free bike rental station (32 subway stations along the 1st and 2nd line). There is no fee. The only requirement is that you are over 15 years old and is a healthy person who is capable of riding a bike.

You don’t have to complete a consent form ~ You don’t have to entrust your ID card!

It’s much easier, right?
Also, the subway stations have Mini Velo bikes and basket bikes so that people can use them for various purposes.
(Current number of free rental bikes: 766 bikes in 32 stations)

Enjoy your Daegu tour with free rental bikes at subway stations. ^^

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Special Street series 9/Gydong Market streets tell Daegu’s old stories

October, when you can feel the fall breeze ~
It’s already the ninth story of our special street tours.
Today we would like to introduce Gyodong Market that involves Dauge’s long history and traditions.
Here, Yankee Street, Jewelry Street, Food Street, Electronics Street are all formed around Dokkaebi Market.

We first went to Gyodong Electronics Street
This place sells electronics including computers, audio equipment, and records. It was once very well know as the Mecca of Daegu’s PC market.

Due to the tablet PC and online market boom, now the number decreased significantly. However, there are still stores selling second hand computers and audio systems on that street.

Once out of the Electronics Street you will soon find yourself in the loud Dokkaebi Market.

The Food Street of Gyodong Market is full of great smelling food.
Cheap and plenty!

There are clothing and accessory shops in the first and second floor of the Dokkaebi Market shopping area.
There is a fashion show using these clothing at the Hanmaeum Festival that is held every year at Gyodong Market.

The camera shops of the Gyodong Market are also famous!
You can witness everything related to cameras including camera repairs and trading second hand cameras.

Once you pass the Bungea Market, you will recognize military look clothing.
This is the Yankee Street ~~
You can buy imported items including various military daily supplies and foreign snacks.

Last but not least is the Jewelry Street that has been designated as the fashion jewelry zone.
Everything from production, manufacturing, to distribution takes place in Jewelry Street.
It welcomes customers with a clean street that it manages with the jewelry town.
Gyodong Market not only has various items but also the generosity of people.

We look forward to Gyodong Market’s future development that will carry on Daegu’s long history and traditions.

Hey everyone ~ Let’s go to the 14th Palgongsan Autumn Foliage Festival to enjoy the autumn leaves!

The autumn foliage is the most colorful these days!
Is everyone planning on going to see the autumn leaves this weekend?
Daegu’s popular mountain Palgongsan is also becoming very colorful.
Palgongsan has prepared its 14th Palgongsan Autumn Foliage Festival right at this time of the year!
If you are planning on going to see the autumn leaves, visit the Palgongsan Autumn Foliage Festival and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

The 14th Palgongsan Autumn Foliage Festival
Date: 2013.10.25(Fri) ~ 29(Tue)
Location: Palgongsan Cine80 Drive-in Theater Special Stage
Main Event:
Palgongsan Autumn Foliage Song Festival
-Date: 10.26(Sat)
Time: 12:00~17:00
Location: Palgongsan Cine80 Drive-in Theater Special Stage
Palgongsan Danpung-gil Walkathon
Date : 10.27 (Sun)
Time: 9:30 ~ 12:30
Course: Cine80 Drive-in Theater ↔ Buinsa (Temple) Daegu Olle Road 8 Course 7.1km Round-trip
Experience Programs: Palgongsan Artificial Rock Wall Climbing / Citizen Safety Theme Park First Aid Program (CPR, Fire Extinguisher, etc.) / Autumn Foliage Experience
Performance: Jangseung Carving Performance (Important Intangible Cultural Asset Jong Hong Kim) / Juggling / Nanta Show, Gakseoli, Poomba, Performance / Taekwondo Demonstration
Subsidiary Events: Local Products from Eight Korean Provinces Event Booths (Palgongsan Water Parsley Pancake, Lotus Root Pancake, country(one's home) Tofu, Acorn Jello, Dongdongju, Local Dishes, Direct Trading Market, etc.) / Guitar Performance / Korean Dance Show, Saxophone Performance, Singing Contest, Korean Traditional Music Dance, Juggling, Gakesoli Performance, Singing Contest, Korean Traditional Music Dance, Juggling, Gakesoli Performance, etc.
Questions/Registration: 053)985-8030

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

[Recommended tourist attractions in Daegu] Enjoy the "tinkle-tinkle" light festival at SpaValley

At last, Autumn has arrived. The mountains and fields will soon be filled with travellers.  
Have you not decided yet where to go to make memories with your friends, family or loved ones in this Autumn? Then what about joining the light festival provided by SpaValley, a famous tourist attraction.

"Forest Light Garden" presented by Daegu SpaValley in the memory of its 10th anniversary. At the entrance a tree beautifully decorated with lights welcomes us. Passing through the entrance, the road into the forest is lighted by many pretty bulbs. 
Photo zones are provided for you in the forest.

In the center of the forest, a waterfall adds more to the already beautiful scenery. It is a garden of light and a perfect background for taking photos.

The garden of light leads you to the outdoor swimming pool of SpaValley.

Isn’t it pretty? It will be easy to lose track of time if you take a walk taking photos in the forest. The course will be longer than you expect and there are many things to see everywhere.

This Autumn, visit this garden of light with your family, loved ones and friends and make precious memories
Hours of admission: 17:00 -
Fare: 8,000 (adults) / 5,000 (children)

-  Soft autumn winds
Let’s go on autumn colors excursion in the center of Daegu city

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Daegu Tourist Route Contest / Submit your idea and grap 5 million won (total)

What are typical tourist attractions of Daegu?
Daegu Modern Alleys which was awarded “100 Korean Destinations” and “Star of Korean Sightseeing”, Palgongsan Mountain and Biseul Mountain famous for autumn colors, 83 Tower, the landmark of Daegu, Daegu Stadium, or The ARC?
Now you can have an opportunity to collect the attractions of Daegu, of which we have told you and which you know secretly, and combine them into your own tourist route.
A contest titled “Find your own Daegu Tourist Course – To My Daegu” will be held by Daegu Convention Bureau and sponsored by Daegu.
Overview on Daegu Tourist Route Contest
□ Theme: “Find your own Daegu Tourist Course – To My Daegu”
□ Eligibility: Anyone who is interested in traveling in Daegu (open to foreigners and groups)
□ Application: October 11, 2013 (Fri.) - November 8, 2013 (Fri.) 18:00
※ Postal entries will only be accepted if they are date stamped with the deadline date.
□ Application method
Web: visit the website at
Email: download the form from Daegu Convention Bureau’s website at, fill out the form and email it to
Post: Yi Jumi, Assistant Manager, Daegu Convention Bureau, 3th floor, Korea Fashion Center, 14-gil 17, Yutongdanji-ro, Buk-gu, Daegu City (702-845)
□ Announcement: November 14, 2013 (Thur.) (scheduled)
To be published on the Daegu Convention Bureau’s website or to be contact individually
Winners (Excellence Award and higher) to be invited to the awards ceremony (to be contact individually)
□ Submissions
① Application form, one copy
② Experience story on the Daegu tourist route: two pages or more (photos must be 1/3 or less, including one or more evidential photos)
③ Agreement on the copyright of the submission, one copy
For details, please visit the contest page at

Saturday, October 19, 2013

[Autumn Colors Destinations in Daegu] Autumn colors excursion in Daegu! Where shall we go?

Staring with Seoraksan Mountain, the land of Korea is being dyed in red.
Today, let me pinpoint the autumn colors destinations for you in Daegu City.

Recommendation 1. Palgongsan Mountain
Palgongsan Mountain is one of the most famous destinations in Korea. The red tint will soon cover entire Daegu, starting with this mountain on 19th. In whatever way you choose to reach the mountain, climbing or taking the cable car, you will have a wonderful experience. 
Nearby attractions:  Donghwasa Temple, Gatbawi Rock, Daegu Safety Theme Park, Daegu Bangjja Yugi Museum, Esiapolis

Recommendation 2. Keimyung University
The Keimyung University, a famous shooting place for many TV dramas and movies, changes its atmosphere according to the season and is a suitable autumn colors destination.
Besides, it will be interesting to discover hidden places such as Hanhakchon (Korean traditional village) and  Adams Chapel in the Keimyung University which gets mixed with antique buildings and provides a striking beauty of Autumn scenary.
Nearby attractions: Keimyung Art Center, The ARC, Dalseong Marchy Land, Hosan Neighborhood Park, Ssangyong Green Road

Recommendation 3. Daegu Stadium
In 2002, the Daegu Stadium was full of the World Cup fever and it is still popular as an outing destination for Daegu citizens and tourists. The surroundings of Daegu Stadium are also beautifully landscaped and seems to be suitable for family picnics. Autumn will soon arrive to the stadium, too.
Nearby attractions: Color Square, Daegu Sports Museum, Daegu Art Museum, Suseong Amusement Park

Recommendation 3. Herbhillz 
If you don’t want to miss a special experience of viewing beautiful autumn colors, you should not miss Herbhillz. Herbhillz is a place for family picnic, where you and your family can visit an animal farm and walk trails and enjoy herb experience and eco-adventure. In Fall, Herbhillz is multicolored with vivid autumn colors.
Nearby attractions: SpaValley, Suseong Amusement Park, Nokdongseowon Confucian Academy

Recommendation 5. Suseong Amusement Park
The walking trails of Suseong Amusement Park are known for impressive cherry blossoms in Spring and Chinese maples in Autumn. This place is much loved by Daegu Citizens. If you visit this park during the season of autumn colors, you will understand how the Chinse maples are attractive.
Nearby attractions: Deulangil Food Town, Suseong Land, Daegu Stadium, Suseong Artpia

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Vivid Memories from Mt.Palgong Temple Bazaar Festival

There is a place in MT. Palgong that you can get glimpse of the traditional temple bazaar and a story passed down from the past.
The place we visited today was Mt.Palgong, a popular place for colorful autumn tints and the place where temple bazaar is taking place.
Here is Dongwha district where Mt.Palgong Temple Bazaar Festival is being held!

We can see a long line of Dae-Chuita parade too~

There is a booth ready to give people the experience of temple culture in the event called 'Experience the Temple'
We did many things from drawing the Buddha's portrait and scripture printing to lantern making and Dharma staff.

And we can have temple food cooked by monks in the temple too.

A variety of Buddhist items & crafts caught the eyes of visitors~

Mt.Palgong Temple Bazaar Festival is a great chance for people to see beautiful autumn tints and life styles of Korean traditional monks!
We will be expecting next year too. ^^

Friday, October 11, 2013

Dong-gu Extension Schooling Festival in Daegu, the Lively Event for Everyone

Era of 100-year life! From kids to adults~ Festival for everybody!
Daegu has been shaken with joyful excitement since the 10th of this month from Dong-gu Extension Schooling Festival~

Jijeo-dong riverside of Geumho River boasted its beautiful Cosmos flowers sending greetings to the visitors.

Passing across the Cosmos field many different events were waiting for visitors in a lot of booths.

Subsidiary events came with a variety of also amazing^^ In the booths prepared for adult health check and food tasting~

In the afternoon 'Ahyang Gayo Festival' prepared by Daegu citizens added joyful mood to the scene. 
Isn't it great? A round of applaud for their passion! Clap! Clap! Clap!

In another booth people are having 'Dong-gu Cooking Contest'~
The venue was full of sizzling sound and delicious smell!

After looking around the event venues we headed to the highlight of Dong-gu Extension Schooling Festival!!
The Ahyang Train Rail, which was introduced on the 10th with the festival.

A big crowd gathered around the train rail to see Ahyang bridge train rails.
New look of Ahyang train rail with long history! Isn't it beautiful?

Night sceneries were also fantastic ^^
A great place to have a date with your lover or take a walk with your family..., don't you think?
Come to Jijeo-dong Geumho Riverside in Dong-gu and check out the beautiful Cosmos and lingering heat of the festival or walk on Ahyang train rail feeling the blessing autumn. :)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

[Great Sites for Field Trips in Daegu] Having a walk in Hajungdo Cosmos Field in Nogok-dong

Cosmos flowers are so beautiful like paintings in the canvas of sky.
Daegu is soaked with autumn sentiments. ^^

It's Hajungdo Cosmos field in Nogok-dong, Buk-gu, the field surrounded by waves of lovely and colorful Cosmos flowers.

Cosmos field stretching out wide under the clear sky of fall

ou can also build walking path feeling the heart of the season walking with the families and couples in love surrounded by beautiful flowers. ^^


If you go there today you can enjoy blue sky, bright sunshine, and amazing autumn weather.

As if the sky becomes your own canvas.. beautiful background doubles the joy of looking at the Cosmos flowers.

Is it beautiful? Cosmos flowers with mixed colors of scarlet and pink... It's such a great scene.

You will hear bustling noises of taking pictures here and there~ It has reputation of a great place to take pictures.
Wouldn't it be a great place for a dating course for lovers or family union?


Hurry and come, enjoy autumn in Daegu with your lover and have a walk feeling the autumn wind. Make many great memories here.