Monday, September 30, 2013

When will we see the autumnal colors first in 2013?


When will we see the autumnal colors first in 2013?

Autumn! We go to mountains to view autumnal colors happily.
When Autumn comes to Daegu, maple and ginkgo trees in Biseulsan and Palgongsan change into beautiful dresses and beckon us to come.
We know there are lots of people wondering when they will view the autumnal colors this Autumn.


First autumnal colors of this year. That’s what we want to know.
It is reported that we may view the autumnal colors a little later than the normal year depending on the region. Beginning with Seoraksan on around September 30, we can view the autumnal colors in the central region including Jirisan from October 4 to 16 and in the south region from October 14 to 31. They say that this is one or two days later than the normal year. The autumnal colors run at 20 to 25km/h speeds to the south and the difference in appearance of autumnal colors between Seoraksan and Duryunsan in Haenam is about a month.

When is the peak time of the autumnal colors?
The peak of the autumnal colors is usually witnessed two weeks after their first appearance. It is expected that the peak will be seen in the central region and Jirisan from mid to late October and in the south region from late October to early November.
However if the average temperature rises by 1℃ in September, it is said that the first appearance and peak of the autumnal colors may be delayed by one to four days.
Check the time of autumnal colors in the noted mountains across the country. It is said that, for Palgongsan in Daegu, the first appearance is on October 19 and the peak is on October 29.

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