Friday, September 6, 2013

[Traveling in Daegu] A visit to the Handmade Shoes Alley in Hyangchon-dong

Just the right design, shoes that perfectly fit to my feet!
A place where you can experience the delicate handworks of master craftsmen who can create shoes that you want.

Sixth story of alley travels is about the Handmade Shoes Alley in Hyangchon-dong.
There are currently about 60 handmade shoes stores and factories in this alley.

There are luxury dress shoes that you see in department stores as well as other shoes including women’s and men’s shoes in this alley.
Each corner is filled with handmade shoes stores.

There are many types of handmade shoes, which are created by detailed works by master craftsman.
You can see a mosaic of shoes factories and stores in the Handmade Shoes Alley.

Leather shoes easily costs over 200,000 won at a department store.
“How much are these shoes?”
“It is 100,000 won!” that were made for a whole week costs only 100,000 won?

Each stitching in the handmade shoes are done by the craftsman himself. Can you see the meticulous knots?

You can also do sightseeing of master craftsman at work, who are devoting themselves to making shoes while relying on a single light bulb turned on in the dark.

Have you had a hard time searching for shoes that is unique and fit perfectly to your feet?
At the Handmade Shoes Alley in Daegu, you can buy quality handmade shoes at affordable price. ^^

The Handmade Shoes Alley has long-standing tradition of excellent craftsmanship.
Purchase your autumn shoes at the Handmade Shoes Alley.

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