Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Let’s go to Daegu, home of chickens, to eat special chickens.

Special chickens in Daegu, the home of chickens!
Seasoned chicken, a chicken loved by foreigners! Today, we will introduce special chickens that are available in Daegu.

Recommendation 1.  Baro Fire Pot Chicken_Octupus Chicken

Daegu Baro Fire Pot Chicken just opened in 2013. This company also created the chicken with green onions. What is the new chicken menu the company has created?
Octopus Chicken fresh out of the fire pot!! Octopus chicken is a special dish of the region!!
One whole fresh octopus cooked with chicken and sweet sauce! Baro Fire Pot Chicken’s Octopus chicken is a big dish with various flavors!
Price: 29,000 Won
Other menus: Baro Fire Pot Chicken / Fire Pot Crunch Chicken / Baro Fire Pot Chicken without bones / Fire Pot Crunch without bones / Nice Squid Chicken / Nice Octopus Chicken
Main Branch: 1022-1 Suseong4ga-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu

Recommendation 2. Ohkyung Chicken_Ongchigi Chicken
Ongchigi describes the shape of a chicken curled up.
Ongchigi chicken is a somewhat special chicken. It is a chicken menu cooked with Uiseong garlic that is appropriately ripened with homemade soy sauce, Cheongyang pepper, pear, starch syrup, sauce, etc.
Price: 20,000 Won
Other menus: one piece of Ongchigi chicken/ one whole Ongchigi chicken/ Steamed Ongchigi with vegetables / Iron Pot sesame chicken / Traditional chicken
Phone Orders: 1661-5099
Daegu branch location: 37, Wolbae-ro 32-gil, Dalseo-gu, Daegu

Recommendation 3. Byulbyul Chicken_ Byulbyul Garlic Chicken
The amazing harmony of grilled garlic and chicken with Cheongyang pepper! You can enjoy the spicy and sweet taste of Byulbyul garlic chicken with its special sauce. Garlic is known as tonic and health food that helps the prevention of cancer. You can become healthy with Byulbyul garlic chicken! It is also cheap so everybody can enjoy it.
Price: 15,900 Won
Other menus: Byulbyul intestines / Hot soy chicken cooked with charcoal fire / Steamed chicken and vegetables / Andong steamed chicken

Recommendation 4. Okkudak_Yogur chicken
We are done with the normal sauces! This is a special chicken cooked with fresh yogurt sauce!
Okkudak, a brand well known for crunch chicken, has a special menu called Yogur chicken. Isn’t the name as unique as the sauce? Yogur chicken, crunch chicken with yogurt sauce and fresh vegetable, is a menu that is popular among female customers.
Price: 19,900 Won
Other menus: Crunch Chicken / Yogur chicken salad / Roast grilled / Roast sauce

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