Saturday, September 28, 2013

Field trip to a ranch in the middle of city~ Let's go to Korea International Livestock Expo!

Do you want to see a ranch in the downtown of Daegu?
Where is it?

'2013 Korea International Livestock Expo 2013!'

There is a ranch experience booth installed just outside of the Expo area~

Also, you can see various programs for kids at the ranch experience booth~
A group of kids is busy feeding the baby cow~ ^^

Wearing smiles on their faces watching the refreshing scenery~

In another booth, many other activities are going on like making milk soaps, or making milk brownies.

They are tasty and healthy dairy foods!
Drinking milk makes you taller ^^ It will be a great experience for kids.

And that's not all~
There are many exhibition events going on inside the building.

850 booths from 236 companies... the size of the events is really overwhelming, isn't it?
Korea International Livestock Expo is an international friendship event among the nations giving chances to share information for today and tomorrow of livestock industry.

Don't forget to have fun too! You can enjoy guided indoor horse riding too.
You can also shop quality livestock products with discounted price, or go to food tasting stands!!!

Shall we run to the urban ranch together then?

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