Saturday, September 14, 2013

[Daegu Tour] Tips for using public transportation in Daegu for tourists!!

An essential transportation for traveling!
Subways and buses become our comfortable feet
The public transportation in Daegu is well built and very helpful when traveling. You can see the great places of Daegu by using public transportation smartly.
Today I will introduce the tips for using public transportation in Daegu for tourists.

1. Public transportation (city buses, urban railways) post payment transit cards (NH Nonghyup Cheum) Service
Now you can use the NH Nonghyup Cheum card that is a post payment transit card. Shinhan card will also be available in November.

2. Expansion of post payment transit cards (10 types) in early 2014

3.   Additional installation of card readers on popular city bus routes
Daegu will be installing additional card readers on 206 buses that go through the 9 popular routes until December.
The city will continue the installation and complete it by the end of 2016 on all 1,658 city buses.

4. Installation of cell phone chargers in subway stations
All subway stations in Daegu have cell phone chargers!
The cell phone chargers within the stations can charge most smartphones including the iPhone.

Daegu public transportation tips! Read them well ^^
And enjoy a convenient Daegu trip.

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