Friday, September 6, 2013

A festival of beautiful colors! Vivid review of the 2013 Daegu International Bodypainting Festival

At autumn’s doorstep last weekend, Daegu’s best festival, the International Bodypainting Festival, was held at the Kolon Field Concert Hall in the Duryu Park.

Wow! It seems like all the Daegu citizens are here!

At the contest stage on a grass field, there were participants demonstrating their body paintings and fantasy makeups.
A cobra and a tiger are on a person’s body!

Look at the delicate handworks! Without a single faltering of the hands, they are creating a beautiful artwork.

There were also various events outside the contest stage, such as trick art, craftworks, and caricature that kids would love!

From 6 PM, body painting and fantasy makeup performances were held on stage.

First were the fantasy makeup performances.
The makeups were as if they were straight out of fantasy cartoons! A match between luxurious costumes and paintings was notable.

Next up were the body painting performances.

There were also invited body painting works prepared by artists from around the world.
At last was the announcement of the first place as the finale of the festival!

Grand prize for the fantasy makeup was given to Yewon Seo (Keimyung College University).

The prize for the bodypainting was given to Mr. and Mrs. Scott from the United States.
Applauses were also given to all participants of the International Body Painting Festival.
Opening of eyes and ears! Come visit Daegu the colorful city that is filled with various sights and enjoyable events!

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