Monday, September 30, 2013

When will we see the autumnal colors first in 2013?


When will we see the autumnal colors first in 2013?

Autumn! We go to mountains to view autumnal colors happily.
When Autumn comes to Daegu, maple and ginkgo trees in Biseulsan and Palgongsan change into beautiful dresses and beckon us to come.
We know there are lots of people wondering when they will view the autumnal colors this Autumn.


First autumnal colors of this year. That’s what we want to know.
It is reported that we may view the autumnal colors a little later than the normal year depending on the region. Beginning with Seoraksan on around September 30, we can view the autumnal colors in the central region including Jirisan from October 4 to 16 and in the south region from October 14 to 31. They say that this is one or two days later than the normal year. The autumnal colors run at 20 to 25km/h speeds to the south and the difference in appearance of autumnal colors between Seoraksan and Duryunsan in Haenam is about a month.

When is the peak time of the autumnal colors?
The peak of the autumnal colors is usually witnessed two weeks after their first appearance. It is expected that the peak will be seen in the central region and Jirisan from mid to late October and in the south region from late October to early November.
However if the average temperature rises by 1℃ in September, it is said that the first appearance and peak of the autumnal colors may be delayed by one to four days.
Check the time of autumnal colors in the noted mountains across the country. It is said that, for Palgongsan in Daegu, the first appearance is on October 19 and the peak is on October 29.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Field trip to a ranch in the middle of city~ Let's go to Korea International Livestock Expo!

Do you want to see a ranch in the downtown of Daegu?
Where is it?

'2013 Korea International Livestock Expo 2013!'

There is a ranch experience booth installed just outside of the Expo area~

Also, you can see various programs for kids at the ranch experience booth~
A group of kids is busy feeding the baby cow~ ^^

Wearing smiles on their faces watching the refreshing scenery~

In another booth, many other activities are going on like making milk soaps, or making milk brownies.

They are tasty and healthy dairy foods!
Drinking milk makes you taller ^^ It will be a great experience for kids.

And that's not all~
There are many exhibition events going on inside the building.

850 booths from 236 companies... the size of the events is really overwhelming, isn't it?
Korea International Livestock Expo is an international friendship event among the nations giving chances to share information for today and tomorrow of livestock industry.

Don't forget to have fun too! You can enjoy guided indoor horse riding too.
You can also shop quality livestock products with discounted price, or go to food tasting stands!!!

Shall we run to the urban ranch together then?

Friday, September 27, 2013

Challenge Guinness Records! - Rolling a 1020m-long Gimbap

Challenge Guinness Records! - Rolling a 1020m-long Gimbap

Suseong Festival, which hit the jackpot by rolling a 1km-long gimbap last year, challenges again in the Autumn of 2013!
Suseong Festival is a civil festival focused on culture and arts, and in 2013 it will be held around Suseong Pond from 27 to 29 this week. Come and see various events and performance, and witness people rolling a 1020m-long gimbap.
How about visiting Suseong Festival for an Autumn picnic to enjoy many exiting events with your family and taste the longest gimbap in Korea this week?

2013 Suseong Festival
○ Time: September 27(Friday) - 29 (Sunday), 2013
○ Place: whole area around Suseong Pond
○ Main programs: opening ceremony, dance performances by artist groups, DJ Cafe of Memory, Great Feast of Our Rhythm and Our Sound, 12th Youth Dance and Song Festival, performances by overseas sister cities, closing ceremony
 ※ Exhibitions and experiential programs
○ Time: September 27(Friday), 14:00-21:00 , September 28(Saturday)-29(Sunday), 10:00~21:00
○ Programs: Children’s Art Street, Boco is My Friend, Rainy Gomoryeong promotion booth, Suseong Flag Exhibition, Suseong Pond History Photo Exhibition
※ Challenge! Rolling the Korea’s longest 1020m gimbap
○ Time: September 28(Saturday), 14:00 - 17:00
○ Place: Deulanro (Deulanro three-way intersection – Deulangil crossroads)
○ Slogan: MalGo! MeokGo! WutGo! (Roll! Eat! Laugh!)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Enjoy special sightseeing with Daegu City Tour this Autumn

Enjoy special sightseeing with Daegu City Tour this Autumn 

Daegu city has renewed its ‘City Tour’ course for domestic and foreign tourist for this Autumn. ‘City Tour’ is a program for tourists to visit famous attractions in Daegu city by bus. Now the bus runs every 90 minutes, 5 times a day, from 120 minutes four times a day before change, and has added a new course that visits Kim Kwang Suk Road, Dalseong Park and Bongsan Culture Street.
A travel tip for you: if you use Daegu City Tour in the weekends, a Culture and Tour Guide will accompany you and tell you old legends of Daegu.

Daegu City Tour

◆ City Circulation (double-decker)
○ Operation: throughout the year (except Mondays, Chuseok day and Lunar New Year’s day)
○ Frequency: every 90 minutes, five times a day
○ Fare(won): 5,000 for adults, 4,000 for middle and high school students, 3,000 for primary school students, elderly and disabled
 - 20% discount: users of the KTX train and express bus, foreigners with hotel coupon, group visitors (10 persons or more)
○ Operator: Daegu City Facilities Management Corporation
 - Contact : ☎ 053-603-1800, official web site of Daegu City Tour

◆ Regular Course (single-decker)
 ○ Operation: every day(10:00 ~ 16:00), except national holidays
 ○ Place of departure: City Tour Stop Banwoldang (in front of Hyundai Department Store)
  - Palgongsan course: pickup at Dongdaegu Station (현장탑승 병행)
 ○ Application: reservation by telephone and web site
 ○ Fare(won): 5,000 for adults, 4,000 for middle and high school students, 3,000 for primary school students, elderly and disabled
 ○ Courses
 - Palgongsan course: four times a day → one-day course of one time a day (with a tour guide)
 - Regular course: one time a week (five courses) → two times a week (three course)
 - Theme tours in sundays such as shooting, fruit reaping, hand crafts
※ The above course may change according to seasons, festivals, events, sighting demand and course conditions.
  ○ Operator: Samsung C&T Corporation
   - Contact: ☎ 053-603-1800, official web site of Daegu City Tour

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Let’s go to the 33rd National Sports Games for the Disabled!

It’s time for overcoming obstacles and challenging with passion!
The 33rd National Sports Games for the Disabled are just around the corner.
Enjoy the torch relay at the opening ceremony with famous K-Pop stars SHINee, SISTAR, MBLAQ and many others!

The 33rd National Sports Games for the Disabled
○ Competition Period: 9.30 (Mon) - 10.4 (Fri) / 5 days
○ Players: 16 years or older
○ Events: 27 events (Exhibit 1)
Goal ball, basketball, billiards, dance sport, lawn ball, rugby, volleyball, badminton, boccia, bowling, shooting, cycling, swimming, archery, weight lifting, sailing, judo, athletics, rowing, soccer, table tennis, taekwondo, tennis, park golf, fencing, gate ball, baduk (exhibition)

○ Main Event:
※ Torch Relay
- Relay Section: 8 city districts (gu-gun) with 33 sections (26 runners,  7 vehicles), 82.4km
- 4 sections by city district (gu-gun) (3 runners, 1 vehicle), Dalseong-gun 5 sections
- Relay runners: 268 persons (1 section 10 persons)
- 26 runners, 26 sub-runners, 208 escort runners, 8 pre-runners

※ Opening
○ Date: September 30, 2013 (Mon), 17:30-20:00
○ Venue: Daegu Stadium, the Main Stadium (Suseong-gu Universiade-ro 180 (Daeheung-dong))
※ Closing
○ Date / Place: October 4, 2013 (Fri.), 15:30-17:00
○ Venue: Daegu Stadium, the West Plaza (Suseong-gu Universiade-ro 180 (Daeheung-dong))

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Let’s go for a family trip to Daegu this autumn!

Let’s go for a family trip to Daegu this autumn!
Autumn is in the air. Perfect weather for travelling – isn’t it?
Exotic and famous places in Daegu ~ Wondering where they are?
Here are some recommendations for exotic family destinations in Daegu.

1. Village filled with mural paintings, Mabijeong Mural Village

Old atmosphere fully presented in a mural world, Mabijeong Mural Village
Mabijeong has mural paintings full of rustic colors, where the charms of a mountain village remain intact.
How about strolling through the village with family while enjoying the approaching autumn?
※Address: Mabijeong Village, bon-ri 2-ri, Hwaweon-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu City

2. Otgol Village House with quiet traditional houses and stone walls

Otkol Village House has beautiful streets with stone walls.
Daeam Choi Dongjib, a scholar inChoseon Dynasty, settled here. This village is a single clan village of Gyeongju Choi and located in Dongsan-dong, Dong-gu in Daegu. 
Currently the village consists of around 20 houses inhabited by the Choi-family.
This is the oldest place of the private house complexes existing in the Daegu area. The location is also historically valuable, providing a glimpse of the Choseon period lifestyle. 
Enjoy a voyage to the Choseon period in the heart of modern Daegu~
Feel the beauty of deepening autumn in Otkol Village.^^
※Address: 344-1 Dunsan-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu

3. Forest Spa Valley

From summer to winter! Enjoy Spa Valley throughout the four seasons with
hot springs warming in the winter or have fun splashing in the cool wave pool in the summer.
The facilities include an outdoor pool, herbal spa zone, hot spring as well as jjimjilbang, providing multiple choices to everyone and all ages.
How about trying some healing in hot springs this winter?
Address: 27-9, Naengcheon-ri, Gachang-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sightseeing in Dongin-dong Jjimgalbi Street~

The seventh story on exotic streets to visit in Korea! The most representative food in Daegu!
What comes to your mind first when you think of the most representative food in Daegu?
Flat dumplings (napjak mandu), beef soup (gukbap), steamed ribs (jjimgalbi), chicken gizzard (dak ddong jjip)... These are included among the most representative 10 delicacies of Daegu.
Daegu is famous for lots of delicious dishes!

Today’s specialty! As a seventh story on sightseeing exotic streets in Korea, I’d like to present Dongin-dong Jjimgalbi street. Dongin-dong Jjimgalbi is a gourmet dish of pure and fresh beef seasoned with hot and spicy flavors!
Like Daegu, Dongin-dong Jjimgalbi street has a long history.
Would you join to explore more about the delicious Jjimgalbi?  

Dongin-dong Jjimgalbi street is located in Dongin-dong 1-ga, Chung-gu, Daegu.
Nowadays, Jjimgalbi restaurants are operating in 12 locations along the street which has also a long history.

Yammy...the taste of Jjimgalbi and 40-year tradition...
This is it! Aren’t you getting curious? Hehe.

Upon ordering, the seasoning is added to the Jjimgalbi before being steamed.

Delicious smell of galbi is stimulating the tip of one’s nose~

Clean side dishes and pure white rice, in perfect harmony with bright red jjimgalbi!

The taste is sweet and sour but slightly spicy at finish. It looks hot and spicy, but after tasting, you completely fall in the characteristic taste of Jjimgalbi.

After finishing the meal with a full stomach and coming back to the street, the evening has already turned into a night as if in an instant.

In the Jjimgalbi street full with the delicious smell of galbi, one can feel the taste of deep tradition of Daegu together with the generosity of the merchants.

Dongin-dong Jjimgalbi street – for which Daegu is noted.
How about having some ‘Dongin-dong Jjimgalbi’ for dinner?

Saturday, September 14, 2013

The world energy experts are gathering in Daegu! The 22nd World Energy Congress

The exhaustion of resources that threaten the survival of the human race and the changes in environment and climate… Energy problems are one of the biggest problems the world faces today.
There is a World Energy Congress held every 3 years since 1924 to solve energy problems.

World Energy Congress
The World Energy Congress is the world’s leading international energy conference that is held every 3 years since 1924. 5,000 leaders of the energy field from companies, governments, international organizations, academic world, and associations in 100 countries participate for a week to discuss major energy issues. The World Energy Congress involves various events that serve as opportunities for the world’s main companies to communicate information and advertise new technologies and is therefore also called the Olympics of the energy field.

This year is the third year of the World Energy Congress.
It is a leading conference for solving energy problems that the world’s attention is focused on.
The 22nd World Energy Congress will be hosted by…!!
Did you know that it is Daegu? ^^

 The world energy experts are gathering in one place to solve energy problems!!
October 13 (Sun) ~ 17 (Thu) ! The World Energy Congress is held in Daegu.

Please show a lot of interest.
The 22nd World Energy Congress
Schedule: October 13, 2013 (Sun) – 17 (Thu)
Location: Daegu
Topic: Securing Tomorrow's Energy Today
Main events :
The executive board
Opening and closing ceremony, welcome reception, farewell reception
Industrial inspections and companion programs
Other (events hosted by international organizations and relevant agencies)
Time period: 2013.10.13 (Sun) ~ 17 (Thu) / 5 days
Business day: 2013.10.14 (Mon) ~ 17 (Thu)
Public Day: 2013.10.16 (Wed) ~ 17 (Thu)
Location Daegu Exco
Opening hours 10:00 – 18:00
17 (Thu) 10:00 – 17:00

[Daegu Tour] Tips for using public transportation in Daegu for tourists!!

An essential transportation for traveling!
Subways and buses become our comfortable feet
The public transportation in Daegu is well built and very helpful when traveling. You can see the great places of Daegu by using public transportation smartly.
Today I will introduce the tips for using public transportation in Daegu for tourists.

1. Public transportation (city buses, urban railways) post payment transit cards (NH Nonghyup Cheum) Service
Now you can use the NH Nonghyup Cheum card that is a post payment transit card. Shinhan card will also be available in November.

2. Expansion of post payment transit cards (10 types) in early 2014

3.   Additional installation of card readers on popular city bus routes
Daegu will be installing additional card readers on 206 buses that go through the 9 popular routes until December.
The city will continue the installation and complete it by the end of 2016 on all 1,658 city buses.

4. Installation of cell phone chargers in subway stations
All subway stations in Daegu have cell phone chargers!
The cell phone chargers within the stations can charge most smartphones including the iPhone.

Daegu public transportation tips! Read them well ^^
And enjoy a convenient Daegu trip.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Their energetic leap overcoming their disabilities! The inaugural meeting of the Daegu athletic team

The 33rd National Sports Games for the Disabled/ Their energetic leap overcoming their disabilities! The inaugural meeting of the Daegu athletic team
Daegu is becoming a sports city after the Daegu 2011 IAAF World Championships!
It hosted the National Sports Festival in 2012, and will now host the National Sports Games for the Disabled in 2013!
The National Sports Games for the Disabled will be going on from September 30th to October 4th in 35 stadiums of Daegu.
This event will be the biggest in its history, 7,423 disabled athletes participating from all parts of the country.

The 33rd National Sports Games for the Disabled
Time Period: 2013.9.30 (Mon) ~ 10.4 (Fri) / 5 days
Stadiums: 35 locations in Daegu
Athlete pool: 16 and over
Athletic Team: 7,423 (5,000 Athletes, 2,000 staff)
Host: Korea Sports Association for the Disabled
Sport Entries: 27 (1 exhibit)

Isn’t there so much of a variety of sport events going on?
There are 583 athletes from Daegu participating in 26 sports.
An inaugural meeting of the National Sports Game for the Disabled was held at Daegu Kemyung College University’s gymnasium to confirm the determination of the Daegu athletic team.

420 athletes of Daegu were all gathered in one spot.
The athletes are pledging to do their best and play a fair game.
What is the goal of Daegu in the National Sports Games for the Disabled?
It’s third place! It is a pretty high goal compared to the recent results of 11th place in 2010 and 2012, and 9th place in 2011, right?
Please support our athletes by visiting the games ^^

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Let’s go to Daegu, home of chickens, to eat special chickens.

Special chickens in Daegu, the home of chickens!
Seasoned chicken, a chicken loved by foreigners! Today, we will introduce special chickens that are available in Daegu.

Recommendation 1.  Baro Fire Pot Chicken_Octupus Chicken

Daegu Baro Fire Pot Chicken just opened in 2013. This company also created the chicken with green onions. What is the new chicken menu the company has created?
Octopus Chicken fresh out of the fire pot!! Octopus chicken is a special dish of the region!!
One whole fresh octopus cooked with chicken and sweet sauce! Baro Fire Pot Chicken’s Octopus chicken is a big dish with various flavors!
Price: 29,000 Won
Other menus: Baro Fire Pot Chicken / Fire Pot Crunch Chicken / Baro Fire Pot Chicken without bones / Fire Pot Crunch without bones / Nice Squid Chicken / Nice Octopus Chicken
Main Branch: 1022-1 Suseong4ga-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu

Recommendation 2. Ohkyung Chicken_Ongchigi Chicken
Ongchigi describes the shape of a chicken curled up.
Ongchigi chicken is a somewhat special chicken. It is a chicken menu cooked with Uiseong garlic that is appropriately ripened with homemade soy sauce, Cheongyang pepper, pear, starch syrup, sauce, etc.
Price: 20,000 Won
Other menus: one piece of Ongchigi chicken/ one whole Ongchigi chicken/ Steamed Ongchigi with vegetables / Iron Pot sesame chicken / Traditional chicken
Phone Orders: 1661-5099
Daegu branch location: 37, Wolbae-ro 32-gil, Dalseo-gu, Daegu

Recommendation 3. Byulbyul Chicken_ Byulbyul Garlic Chicken
The amazing harmony of grilled garlic and chicken with Cheongyang pepper! You can enjoy the spicy and sweet taste of Byulbyul garlic chicken with its special sauce. Garlic is known as tonic and health food that helps the prevention of cancer. You can become healthy with Byulbyul garlic chicken! It is also cheap so everybody can enjoy it.
Price: 15,900 Won
Other menus: Byulbyul intestines / Hot soy chicken cooked with charcoal fire / Steamed chicken and vegetables / Andong steamed chicken

Recommendation 4. Okkudak_Yogur chicken
We are done with the normal sauces! This is a special chicken cooked with fresh yogurt sauce!
Okkudak, a brand well known for crunch chicken, has a special menu called Yogur chicken. Isn’t the name as unique as the sauce? Yogur chicken, crunch chicken with yogurt sauce and fresh vegetable, is a menu that is popular among female customers.
Price: 19,900 Won
Other menus: Crunch Chicken / Yogur chicken salad / Roast grilled / Roast sauce

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

This is the scene of the first day of Korea Urban Agriculture EXPO 2013!

The fall breeze of Daegu feels so good!
We visited Korea Urban Agriculture EXPO 2013 that was open until September 8th. ^^

As soon as we enter Daegu Natural Science High School, a scarecrow with a funny face welcomes us.

Apple, the fruit that represents fall!
Although all apple orchards have been pushed outside of Daegu due to urbanization and industrialization, we cannot think of apple and Daegu apart!
One corner of the Daegu Natural Science High School had a garden like this.
Even though it was only the first day of the event, there were endless group tours of students.

These students are making leaf handkerchiefs. Aren’t the concentrated looks on their faces making eco-friendly handkerchiefs so pretty?
There are also a variety of experience programs of touching soil and examining living things like making a box garden, planting a capsule seed, observing animals and insects, etc.

There are also a variety of experience programs of touching soil and examining living things like making a box garden, planting a capsule seed, observing animals and insects, etc.

There is a garden in the Farm Art Observatory where various crops are growing.

Cute preschoolers have come ~

There are crops growing in parts of the expo. Isn’t this a rare scene to see in the city?
Daegu is a city where nature coexists!
Come to Daegu ^^

Friday, September 6, 2013

A festival of beautiful colors! Vivid review of the 2013 Daegu International Bodypainting Festival

At autumn’s doorstep last weekend, Daegu’s best festival, the International Bodypainting Festival, was held at the Kolon Field Concert Hall in the Duryu Park.

Wow! It seems like all the Daegu citizens are here!

At the contest stage on a grass field, there were participants demonstrating their body paintings and fantasy makeups.
A cobra and a tiger are on a person’s body!

Look at the delicate handworks! Without a single faltering of the hands, they are creating a beautiful artwork.

There were also various events outside the contest stage, such as trick art, craftworks, and caricature that kids would love!

From 6 PM, body painting and fantasy makeup performances were held on stage.

First were the fantasy makeup performances.
The makeups were as if they were straight out of fantasy cartoons! A match between luxurious costumes and paintings was notable.

Next up were the body painting performances.

There were also invited body painting works prepared by artists from around the world.
At last was the announcement of the first place as the finale of the festival!

Grand prize for the fantasy makeup was given to Yewon Seo (Keimyung College University).

The prize for the bodypainting was given to Mr. and Mrs. Scott from the United States.
Applauses were also given to all participants of the International Body Painting Festival.
Opening of eyes and ears! Come visit Daegu the colorful city that is filled with various sights and enjoyable events!