Wednesday, August 21, 2013

[Walking Trails in Daegu]Enjoy the gentle breeze in this autumn as you stroll along the downtown trails


Forget about the scorching summer heat and let’s look at the downtown walking and trekking trails in Daegu for the coming autumn. Soak in the beauty of autumn while you trek along the walking paths.

Recommendation 1. Jinbatggol Woodland Park
Jinbatggol Woodland Park, located in Suseong District, offers various scenic views to visitors while enjoying ice sledding on the frozen Daedeok reservoir in the winter and "forest bathing" in the summer.
○ Main routes : training mind & body zones 1 & 2, forest trail zone, education & forest bathing zone, nature learning & healing zone
○ Facilities : Suseong District Youth Center
○ Other places to visit : Suseong Sports Park, Cheonggyesa temple

Recommendation 2. Maeyeo-dong Woodland Park
Under Chorae Peak of Palgongsan, a well-known place to view the sunrise, lie the Maeyeo-dong Woodland Park and a footpath where visitors can relax and heal.
○ Facilities : library, gym, outdoor table and bench, mobile toilets, reservoir
○ Other places to visit : Daegu Kyungpook National University Forest, hiking Chorae Peak

Recommendation 3. Apsan Outskirt Trail
Apsan Outskirt Trail, situated a certain distance from the Apsan circuit road, follows the contour of the mountain connecting the existing walking paths. Along with the trail, visitors can also enjoy a fossil site and a Metasequoia road.
○ Other places to visit : Apsan Cafe Street, Apsan Cable Car, Anjirang Gopchang(tripe) Street

Recommendation 4. Hosan Neighborhood Park
Hosan Neighborhood Park, surrounded by green metasequoia trees, was selected as the most beautiful place in Daegu providing a picturesque background to couples, friends and families.
○ Other places to visit : Keimyung University, Gangjeongbo the ARC, Igok Fountain Park, Dalseong Marsh

Recommendation 5. Ssangyong Green Road
Ssangyong Green Road is the waterfront area that connects Waryongsan to Geumho River, and Chongryongsan to Nakdong River. Visitors to Ssangyong Green Road and Dalseong Marsh will walk in the cool breeze, mesmerized by the beauty of the nature.
○ Other places to visit : Keimyung University, Gangjeongbo the ARC, Igok Fountain Park,  Dalseong Marsh

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