Saturday, August 24, 2013

Teenagers Group Tourism Recommendation/ Number of teenage group tourists who visit Daegu surpasses 10000

Jejudo, a well-known international tourist site!
I was really curious - where people who live in Jejudo would travel.
Aramdan, a youth group based in the Jeju area, is going to visit Daegu for two days!
This is could be considered a result of putting much effort in developing Daegu, Gyeongju, Andong, and Goryeong as a field trip course for teenagers.
It's said that they connected Daegu's representative tourist attractions that teenagers would like such as E-world, a theme park which is popular among teens in Daegu, and the water park Spa Valley into a single course. 

Shall we look at each of the Daegu attractions that the teenagers from Jejudo will be visiting?


1. Tangible Culture Street, which was selected as the star of Korean tourism and 100 picks of Korean tourism
Tangible Culture Street, where one can experience the history and culture of Daegu!
Since it has well preserved the old downtown, it is an attraction that possesses various titles such as the star of Korean tourism, 100 domestic tourist sites that Koreans should visit, and the Grand Prize for the local culture brand. Not only can you see the historic building from the Japanese Occupation Era, but also the history of modern industrialization can be seen at one glance.

2. European Style Theme Park E-World
E-world is home to the 83 Tower, which is one of the 12 stunning scenes of Daegu. It was also previously called Woobang Land, Woobang Tower Land. Not only does it house various rides, but it also has an abundance of festivals and performances each season! It's also a very popular place among Daegu citizen~

3. 'The ARC', a Water Culture Center with Beautiful Architecture
'The ARC', which is rising as Daegu Gyeongsangbu-do's new landmark, can be found at the Gangjeong Goryeong Bo where the water stream of Nakdong river flows. It's a newly conceptualized culture center with the theme as 'water' and construction and exhibition is made in one space.

4. 'Spa Valley', a Water Park
Spa Valley, which is located at Gachang-myeon, Dalseong-gun, is also a very well-known water park in Daegu. Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, the park has been reborn with a much newer face. Because one can enjoy health and leisure with spring water at the same time, it is a place where both adults and children can have fun~

Daegu, which is rising as a mecca for teenager group tourism! We look forward to having you get more excited about Daegu.

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