Wednesday, August 14, 2013

[Recommendation for forest bathing in Daegu] Daegu’s famous mountain, Palgongsan – Ride a cable car and enjoy forest bathing!

Forest bathing is a great way to escape the city, stroll through the thick mountain, relieve your stress ~ and also become more healthy!
Nowadays, a lot of people enjoy forest bathing, right?
Then~ where is the forest bathing area in Daegu that will heal your body which is tired of the hot summer and blast away the stress from your daily life?

The number one hiking course for hikers from all over the country! We recommend Palgongsan forest bathing area.

Where is the place we arrived first to enjoy Palgongsan forest bathing?
Palgongsan cable cars!

Of course, it’s good to hike up the mountain ~ on your feet! But, riding a cable car and going up to the top is also a great way to make a fun and awesome memory. ^^

You can buy tickets for round-trip (Adult 8,000 won/Child 5,000 won), One-way (Adult 5,000/Kid 3,000won).

Now, shall we head out to ride the cable car and enjoy forest bathing?

Although it’s a hot summer~ A light and cool breeze blows at Palgongsan, making it a perfect place to send off the summer heat.
If you follow the steps after getting out of the station at the top, you arrive at the place where the course to enjoy forest bathing starts.

Going down the stairs, we see oak trees that cool you down by just looking at them. ^^

Wow! Isn’t it just amazing?
The sunlight shines between the green trees.

Leisurely walking down while forest bathing.. we hear the sound of water flowing, and the next thing you know, gush! A cool stream is nearby.
The stream starts from the middle of the mountain~
This place is Nenggol forest bathing area.

There’s also a lot of people enjoying a cool Nenggol forest bathing on top of boulders.
Cool Nenggol ~ flowing down, along with the green nature

You can also enjoy forest bathing as much as you want with beautiful chirping of birds on the way down. ^^

Forest bathing in the city! It’s not hard at all~~~ :) 
We encourage you to escape from your daily life once in a while, breathe in the spirit of the mountain and refreshing air, and enjoy forest bathing. ^^

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