Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Let's enjoy fall by feeling the atmosphere of Palgongsan! 888 Daegu Olle Walking Festival

'Cheoseo', the time of the year when the summer heat fades away and we greet fall
After a long, hot summer passed by, we've already stepped closer to the doorsteps of fall.
The weather today, is chilly like how 'Cheoseo' should be~ as if fall is just around the corner.
Now, we should also prepare for the fall?
The air is clear~ The fall, when it's cool and makes you feel better, is a great time of the year to go hiking and walking. ^^
 The season of red and yellow leaves, the season of hiking - Autumn.

As we welcome fall, '888 Daegu Olle Walking Festival' will be held at Palgongsan Olle road.

※What is the 888 Daegu Olle Walking Festival?
It stands for walking 80km for 8 weeks at the 8 courses of Daegu Olle Pal(8)gongsan.
If you love walking, it's a festival that anyone can participate!
Enjoy the beauty of Palgongsan with your own eyes and grasp both fun and health at the Olle Walking Festival.

2013 3rd 888 Daegu Olle Walking Festival
○ Time : 2013.9.7(Sat) ~ 11.2(Sat)
○ Location : Daegu Olle Palgongsan 8 courses
○ Things to prepare : Long sleeves, long pants, trekking shoes, drinking water, hat
○ Participation fee : 8-week walking : 30,000 won(Sponsored member 15,000 won) / 4-week walking : 20,000 won(Sponsored member 10,000 won)
○ Souvenir : 8-week walking : Daegu Olle stamp book+folding cup+T-shirt+badge / 4-week walking : Daegu Olle stamp book+T-shirt+badge
○ Registration period : Until 8.29(Thu)
○ Registration method :
 1. Write an application at one of the sites below
 - Go to Daegu Olle
 - Daegu Green Consumers Network
 - Daegu Olle cafe
 2. After writing the application, deposit the participation fee / Daegu Bank 009-05-002421-6 (Account owner: Daegu Green Consumers Network)
○ Questions : Daegu Green Consumers Network Daegu Olle Team 053-985-8030

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