Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Experience 'healing' at Maeyeo-dong Forest Bathing Area this fall

A healing place inside the city, 'Maeyeo-dong Forest Bathing Area'
Forest bathing~ don't we all love it?
Soothe your fatigued body~ and take care of your health at a forest bathing area where the air is clear!

Maeyeo-dong Forest Bathing Area is located at Maeyeo-dong San70, Dong-gu, Daegu.
You can easily find how to get there by searching the Daegu academic forum of Gyungpook University College of Agriculture and Life Science.

This area is 'Gapalhwancho-gil', one of the 7 sections of Palgongsan Wanggun-gil.

If you walk on the road for a while, a separate hiking route is paved so it's also used as a hiking course.

If you follow the hiking route~ you will soon meet the forest road of harmony and healing.

Passing the forest road and going to the forest of knowledge and experience~ a beautiful scene will await you.

In the forest of knowledge and experience, there are various sports facilities and a library, and reservoir.
Do exercise~ venture into the thick forest ~ and then leisurely read a book with a cup of coffee at the library inside the forest!

The hot summer has passed, and the fall with its chilly breeze made a huge step - forward.
This fall, experience a healthy way to heal at Maeyeo-dong Forest Bathing Area. ^^

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