Thursday, August 22, 2013

[Daegu Tour]Socks at this price? A trip to the historical Socks Street


The 5th exotic street tour! Socks Street it is.

While we wait for the cool breeze of autumn, why don't we tour the Socks Street?

The Dalgubul road divides the Socks Street into two streets, Daesin-dong and Namsan-dong. The present Socks Street was formed when Park Jeongwon of Wonil & Co. began a socks retail store in the 1980s for the first time, attracting other merchants to this very place.   

Currently, around 30 socks wholesalers and retailers are in business here at the Socks Street.

Interestingly, not a single store displayed the same pair.

Socks from the Socks Street are distributed to socks stores across the country.
Not to mention, you can also buy socks at the Socks Street at a much cheaper price.

"Unbelievable! Just 7,000won for 10 pair of socks!"
Isn’t it so cheap?
Note though, prices differ according to the types.

There was a time when every sock in the country went through the Socks Street, and when hundreds of stores flourished, greatly contributing to the economy of Daegu.

Although the remaining stores are old and worn out, these stores, which have been passed down through generations within their owners’ family, still stand tall at the Socks Street.

Daegu's Socks Street, where history and tradition live on!
How about a trip to the Socks Street?

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