Friday, August 9, 2013

Daegu, the hometown of chickens/Chicken brands that originated from Daegu, shall we try out the original taste?

Where is the hometown of chicken? Daegu!!!!!!!!!!
By now, everyone would know this .. right? lol

Hot summer...  Appetizing! Chicken & beer!
The origins of Daegu chicken! We introduce places to eat chicken. ^^

Daegu Chicken
Daegu’s traditional chicken with 35 years of history, 'Daegu Chicken'
Currently, it moved its main store to Suseong-dong 4-ga and also runs a major franchise business with 30 member stores in Korea.
They use 100% domestically produced fresh chicken meat, a garlic soy sauce which is the secret behind its 35 years of tradition, and taste and service which has been passed down for two generations since it opened!
Daegu Chicken is so famous that every Daegu citizen would have tried it at least once~ That taste! Aren’t you curious too? ^^
○ Popular menu :
- ½ Traditional seasoned (Garlic soy sauce)+ ½ fried/ ½ Traditional seasoned (Garlic soy sauce+½ red seasoned(Spicy) / ½ red seasoned(Spicy)+ ½  fried
○ Basic menu :
- Traditional seasoned chicken(Garlic soy sauce) / Red seasoned(Spicy) / Fried / Wings,stick(Garlic soy sauce) / Wings,stick(Spicy) / Chicken gizzard (Fried, soy sauce seasoned) / Chicken gizzard (Red seasoned)
○ Main store : Daegu Suseong 4-ga 1022-12 / 053-755-9061

Hosigi Chicken
Boasting a national network of branches after starting at Daegu in 1999, Hosigi Chicken now has more than 600 chain stores and is popular all over the country. Hosigi Chicken satisfies both the customers’ appetite and cost by using fresh chicken meat and their unique soy sauce and seasoned sauce! Also, no need to fight with the person next to you because there’s two chickens~
○ Basic menu : Soy sauce chicken / Hot soy sauce chicken / Seasoned sauce chicken / Hot seasoned chicken / Fried chicken / Wings and drumsticks / Only drumsticks / Only wings / Boneless soy sauce chicken / Boneless seasoned sauce chicken / Boneless fried chicken
○ Recommended menu : Soy sauce chicken / Seasoned sauce chicken
○ Set menu : Seasoned sauce chicken + soy sauce chicken+coke / Seasoned sauce chicken + fried chicken + coke / Soy sauce chicken+ fried chicken + coke / Seasoned sauce chicken + Soy sauce chicken or fried chicken+ coke
○ Phone : 1688-9922

Tang Tang Chicken
Tang Tang Chicken, the rising dark horse of the chicken world in 2007! With already over 300 branches, it is extremely popular among chicken lovers. Tang Tang chicken is the first brand in Korea to use an 60’s style electric oven and initiate a new era of boneless chicken that are baked like BBQ. Also, don’t forget that you get a 1,000 won discount if you purchase at the store. ^^
○ Menu :
 - Oven baked : Tang Tang hot galbi / Well-being hot galbi / Hot gold wing / Dokdo love chicken / 통 duck BBQ
 - Fried : Herb boneless chicken / Grilled wing / Seoul chicken / Tang Tang spring onion chicken / Hot and spicy chicken / Seasoned chicken / Fried chicken / Herb wing sticks / Hot-holic chicken / Blueberry soy sauce chicken
 - Set : Herb boneless chicken + Hot and spicy chicken / Hot and spicy chicken + Tang Tang hot galbi / Herb boneless chicken + Tang Tang hot galbi / Grilled wing + Tang Tang hot galbi / Herb boneless chicken + Hot-holic
○ Phone : 1688-7766

Baro Chicken
Baro Chicken opened in 2013 after 2 years of preparation since 2011. By seasoning  with  20 different types of natural oriental medicine ingredients and baking in a fire pot, the brand is bring a new chicken sensation in the rapidly changing food service market with well-being as its motto by reducing fat and enhancing the taste. Baked in a fire pot, Baro Chicken takes out all the grease and adds freshness to its taste~ doesn’t that make you curious? ^^
○ Menu : Baro fire pot chicken / Fire pot crunch chicken / Baro boneless fire pot chicken / Fire pot boneless crunch / Good small octopus chicken / Good octopus chicken
○ Main store :  1022-1 Suseong 4-ga-dong Suseong-gu Daegu

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