Friday, August 9, 2013

[Daegu Attractions] Daegu Apsan jarak-gil with full of stories

Apsan receives so much love from Daegu citizens!
Apsan can be regarded as the most famous mountain in Daegu.
With delicious food and things to see, and even being full of entertainment, it's a place where not only Daegu citizens ~ but also tourists come and visit. ^^

Apsan is loved by many people!
By any chance, do you know that amazing tales have been passed down here?

Apsan jarak-gil is the area from Gosangol Metasequoia road to Dalbigol Youth Center, and unlike other hiking routes, it is apart from the Apsan Beltway by a certain distance and naturally connected previous trails and paths at the mountain edge along the contour line.
It was nameed 'Apsan jarak-gil' because it resembles a widely spread skirt.
Clear water flows ~~ don't you feel refreshed just by looking at it?

Also, you can meet fossils of dinosaur footprints here.
Going past the fossil area, you can walk along the cool trail with thick forest.

Shall we walk on the bare feet trail?

This place has 1km of dirt road and acupressure trail built on the surface so you can walk on it with your bare feet.
One more thing! There is also something else to see at Gosangol.

It's the Metasequoia road~
The trees are still small because they were planted in 2010~
Nonetheless, they boast their beauty along with the blue sky.

Perhaps, after a few years.. a tall~ beautiful Metasequoia road may be created, right?
This hot summer_ Experience both the coolness and the feeling of healing at Apsan jarak-gil where various tales reside :)

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